University life during the summer 2021

The University of the Applied Arts Vienna is looking to provide the best possible combination of safety and openness in everyday university life for all students, employees and visitors.
In this spirit, all measures are aimed at upholding in-person teaching as well as on-site research activities to the greatest possible extent while at the same time keeping the risk of infection at Angewandte as low as possible.
Special attention is being paid here to artistic and practical teaching, since doing these remotely would entail especially severe limitations.
During summer 2021, the Angewandte is opening its doors again. During the time when there are no teaching classes, there can be unrestricted use of the premises provided the general ruling „3 G“ is always observed: Persons on the premises must be either tested, or recovered from infection, or vaccinated („Getestet /Genesen /Geimpft").  Wearing a mouth-nose protection is mandatory in public spaces and rooms. You will find the regulations for summer 2021 (5 July to 30 September 2021) here

The Rectorate will inform about any changes immediately via mailings to all university members.
Access to the university buildings
One of the following confirmations must be carried at all times: 
For those tested:
Negative PCR test confirmation e.g. "Alles gurgelt" (valid for 72h),
Negative antigen test confirmation e.g. from pharmacy, Vienna test streets etc. (48h valid) or
Negative antigen test confirmation from Angewandte Teststraße (48h valid).
For people who have recovered:
Seperation notice (valid for 6 months),
Medical certificate of covid disease (valid for 6 months) or
Proof of antibodies (valid for 3 months)
For those vaccinated (valid for max. 3 months from 22 days after first vaccination; valid for 9 months after second vaccination):
Yellow vaccination certificate "Impfpass"
Proof of vaccination by your doctor or
Electronic vaccination certificate at (A cell phone signature or citizen card is required for the electronic vaccination certificate).

Covid positive – what happens next? 
1.) Stay at home and follow the health authorities’ quarantine instructions (at least 10 days home quarantine)
2.) Contact the covid team and let them know that you have contracted the virus:
3.) After your period of quarantine, you need to present a negative PCR test result before you can return to the Angewandte.
Details can be found here
Central artistic subjects / Working at one’s own department
  • On-site; distance learning possible upon consultation with department head

Other artistic courses
  • On-site; distance learning possible upon consultation with department head

Workshop courses
  • On-site; attendence list required

Academic courses
  • On-site meetings in small (seminar) groups possible, approval by room coordinator and VR for teaching required as well as mutual agreement between teachers and students

Field trips, domestic
  • Possible with observance of current travel regulations and consideration given to rules valid at the destination

Field trips, abroad
  • Possible if part of central artistic subjects or department-internal courses with observance of current travel regulations and consideration given to the rules valid at the destination.
Research Projects
Exhibitions and Events
Employees in planning, service and administration
Centrally organised services
General university life
Mitra Kazerani
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Information from the Rectorate 
Information on distance learning
Strategies, software and good-practice examples for teaching, including remote teaching. We would also be happy to receive suggestions for additional content.
Home office and support
Central Computing Services offers all employees the following tools for working from home (Home office).