Studies in Art and Culture

Coordinator: Barbara Praher BA (Koordinatorin)
“Studies in Art and Culture“  a four-semester master programme will commence in winter semester of 2020/21.
The programme‘s understanding of art and cultural sciences is based on the University of Applied Arts Vienna’s view of a society-related concept of art and culture with a global and transcultural perspective. The goal is neither to limit art and culture nor inevitably merge them into one other.
Specialities of this newly developed course are: a close proximity to practical artistic courses at the university; the intertwining of the fields of science, art, and technical-crafts; a dedicated interdisciplinary teaching course orientation through permanent collaboration between the departments; the concrete and material-related work in the art collectives; and liberty to design and select one’s own projects.
Project-related seminars and regular colloquia are the main focus of this programme and foster critical engagement with power structures right from the first semester. The common ground is the analytical understanding of art and culture as a social construct, as well as the development of strategies and participatory approaches linked to these discourses and debates.
The main emphasis of the course is on the fields of art and cultural science (cultural studies, art history, art theory, philosophy, transcultural studies), though it is also possible to take advantage of the entire range of courses offered at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Barbara Praher BA (Koordinatorin)

Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7
A-1030 Wien
Office hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m.


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(Submissions possible from December 15th, 2020)