Sen. Lect. Stephan Hilge
Sen. Lect. Mag.a art. Claudia Larcher
VAss. Nita Tandon

TransArts is an unprecedented BA and MA course initiated by the Angewandte. It aims to develop educational contents and forms that reflect the dynamics in the arts today while preserving all differences in a world where the segregation of art practice and theory is often arbitary or even obsolete.

TransArts teaches unity and diversity in theory and practice while keeping in mind that the various disciplines (media art, performative arts, dance, literature, etc.) not only need one another but also compete with each other. Such diverse contents demand consistency as well as change in mentoring, which is ensured by a core artistic and directorial team. In addition, workshops and lectures held by reputable visiting artists and professors make the diversity in contemporary art and theory both distinct and memorable. This combination of consistent and changing perspectives enables students to acquire a project-oriented, cutting-edge education in art that is not only valid today but also in times to come.