Disability Advisory Service for Personnel


Dear members of the Angewandte,
My name is Shirley Thurner, born 1977, and I have been providing the Disability Advisory Service for Personnel at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since March 2017
During my time at the Angewandte (2012 - 2019 Room Coordination and Event Management since Oct 2019) I have met a large number of our university personnel which motivated me to support the interests of persons with disabilities.
My main focus is on general concerns of staff who feel restricted at the Angewandte in various ways. They are welcome to turn to me with their queries, requests or issues – be it regarding suitable infrastructure (furniture, equipment, implements, etc.) or to acquire information (providing links or advice on who to contact) or to just speak openly about a matter of concern.
Together with Christian Schneider, who deputises for me, I liaise with the rectorate towards achieving and adhering to the rights of the „registered disabled“ within the artistic, scientific, or general personnel, e.g. by considering such aspects in the recruiting process, or through in-house awareness campaigns.
At the same time, I am available as a contact for the students at our university who need support because of a disability, whereby these issues are dealt with in close cooperation with the vice-rectorate for academic affairs and development, as well as the department for social policies within the students‘ union at the Angewandte (hufak).
Irrespective of whether I am contacted by a staff member or a student, I shall endeavour to find a solution while of course maintaining confidentiality throughout. Sometimes it is just missing information or a feeling of embarrassment that hampers entitled persons to gain improvements by way of suitable measures (e.g. microphone connections for hearing aids, translations into sign language, etc.), or it may stop them getting assistance in putting forward claims to the Departmental Service of the Ministry for Social Affairs.
You are welcome to contact me regarding any questions in connection with impairments!
Contact me at shirley.thurner@uni-ak.ac.at or call ext. 6307. My office is on the ground floor of Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7.
Kind regards,
Shirley Thurner