Metal Technology

Head: Ing. Roman Hegenbart
Opening hours: Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 3:00 pm, and by appointment

The dates of seminar weeks can be ascertained from the student guide or the notice boards in the University.

In the Metal Technology Department, students are provided with appropriate information concerning material science in relation to metals, light metals and aluminium, material composition and material processing.

In addition, working possibilities such as turning, milling and drilling are taught along with joining techniques such as riveting, bolting, hard soldering, soft soldering, MIG, WIG, electrical and autogenous welding, and cutting and separation (autogenous flame cutting, plasma cutting, metal band sawing).

During the production process up to completion, the appropriate instruction accompanies the work, but without any interference in the design or artistic concept.

Special care is taken with regard to accident safeguards and the danger areas relating to tools and machinery. Theory and practice are communicated in the form of seminars, practical exercises and project-related individual instruction.

Moreover, repairs and special assignments for various University departments are completed without any interference to teaching.