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Application Deadlines

15. May
15. November


International Scholarships

  • For short-term, specialist courses (Jointprogram/Semesterexchange/Internship)
  • Scientific work in other countries

General Information

This funding may only relate to studies in other countries lasting a maximum of 6 months. The rates for countries within Europe amount to EUR 400 and for overseas states to EUR 800 per month. However, the maximum sum to be paid is restricted to EUR 2.400. In all cases, the allocation of a scholarship is dependent upon the coverage available from university budget funds.


Application requirements

  • Applications has to be connected to your studies and research.
  • Austria as the permanent place of residence and the focal point of interests (e.g. career, studies).
  • At the time of the application, the candidate may not be in another country for the realisation of his_her educational objective.

Application documents

  • Application form with photo
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Motivation letter
  • 2 letters of recommendation from professors at our university (whereby in the case of degree and doctoral students one of these recommendations must come from the dissertation/thesis tutor)
  • Confirmation of attendance at the course, or confirmation of the salary for the internship (or confirmation that it is unpaid) provided by the desired international institution (support commitment)
  • a budget plan

For all positive applications: AFTER MOBILITY you have to hand in confirmations and a personal report (A4) of your project. Otherwise the grant will be claimed back!

Equality for Mobility (EfM) - Equality for Mobility Scholarship


General Information 

The Equality for Mobility (EfM) grant supports short-term mobilities for students with care responsibilities, students with disabilities, and/or students with economic barriers - preferably without prior experience abroad - in order to create economic equity among students in terms of mobility experiences.

Funding duration 2 days to 5 months (one semester)
Funding amount* is a maximum of 2.400 € (in addition to the International Scholarship or Erasmus+ Scholarship)

Submission deadlines:

15 May
15 November


Application requirements** 

Equality for Mobility (EfM) can be applied for by regular students from the University of Applied Arts Vienna exclusively in connection with an application for the International Scholarship (“Auslandsstipendium”) or an Erasmus+ Scholarship**.

In addition to a positive confirmation of the planned project abroad (e.g. confirmation of a stay abroad at a university, internship, research activity, etc.), one of the factor(s) for the granting of the (EfM) scholarship must be applicable and must be supported by detailed justification and any supporting documents:

  • Childcare responsibilities / other caregiving responsibilities / support payments
  • Impairment (disability, chronic physical or mental illness)
  • Economic obstacles

Application documents*** 

  • EfM application form (including justification and statutory declaration).
  • Supporting documents by appropriate evidence****


  • Application documents must be requested from the International Office and submitted by the respective deadline.
After completion of the project abroad, a confirmation/certificate and a personal report (max. 1 A4 page) must be submitted, otherwise the grant must be reclaimed.

* Equality for Mobility (EfM) is distributed to applicants twice a year, transparently and on a pro rata basis according to the jury's decision, and is subject to an internal maximum scale. Guidelines for a stay abroad of 3 months or more, whereby the granting of the scholarship is in any case dependent on the budgetary means of the university: Low (800 € with child or impairment, excl. economic obstacles), Medium (1.600 € economic obstacles without further factors), High (2.400 € at least 2 factors must apply).

** If a study stay or internship is funded by Erasmus+, the Erasmus+ grant will be applied for directly by the EU in case of care obligation and/or impairment of the student or Austrian study allowance (Österreichische Studienbehilfe). In this case, only funding in case of economic obstacles can be applied for from the EfM and will be individually revised.

*** Declaration, CV and financial plan must be submitted additionally in connection with an Erasmus+ grant, as these documents are already requested in connection with the “Auslandsstipendium”.

**** Evidence can be: Confirmation of the hardship fund of the Student Union within the last 3 semesters, proof of childcare or other care obligations, alimony payments, bank statements, study allowance, disability certificate, medical certificate, etc.

BMBWF Auslandsstipendium für Studierende der Künste

This grant is given from the Austrian Ministry for studyexchanges into a MASTER program with a duration of one or two semesters (max. 9 months).
Bachelorstudy or equal has to be completed with excellency!

Only exchanges to International art universities for study mobility, which do NOT take part in the ERASMUS+ program.

Duration: 4-9 months
Grant given: EUR 600 p. month
Deadline: anytime
All detailed information: International Office

Application requirements:
  • Target group: students
  • Country of origin: Citizenship of a member state of the European Union
  • Maximum age: 35 years
  • Department: Artistic studies at an Austrian art university
  • Preliminary studies: The preliminary studies (Bachelor or 1st or 2nd diploma section, at least 6 semesters) must be completed with distinction.
  • Ongoing studies: Excellent study success as part of the ongoing studies. Compliance with the standard period of study with two additional semesters.
  • Proof of study success: The artistic major (if available) must be completed abroad, at least 12 ECTS per semester or 27 ECTS per academic year are compulsory.
  • Target country: ALL (excl. the 27 EU member states including their overseas territories, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey, Republic of Macedonia and Serbia)

Application documents:
  • Informal application: description and justification of the study project at the host university
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Bachelor's or intermediate diploma
  • General certificate of the current study
  • Signed learning agreement regarding the recognition of the central artistic subject by the Dean of Studies Prof. Josef Kaiser and the host university
  • Confirmation of admission from the host university
  • Approval of the teacher of the central artistic subject of the home university
  • Statement of costs and financing plan

Independent programs for which (doctoral) students and teachers can apply themselves

  • TOP-Stipendium for Lower Austrians (plus traineeships) | Submission: ongoing (before the mobilty)
  • Marietta Blau-scholarship | Submission: 1. February or 1. September
  • APART-GSK | Austrian Programme for advanced Research and Technology | Submission: 15. May (Annual scholarship)
  • Bilateral artist exchange | Submission: ongoing
  • STEP | Supporting Travel for Engaged Partnerships | Travel grant with low experience abroad | Submission: ongoing
  • Care Concept Welt-Stipendium (for Austrians and Germans) | Social commitment is a prerequisite, 6 months funding period | Submission: 15. February (from April), 15. August (from October)
  • Traumstipendium | Travel project grant | Submission: Beginning of January
  • Weltweit unterrichten | Teach German abroad | Submission: different
  • Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program (FLTA) | Teach German in the USA | Submission: 15. November | Depending on your nationality, please go to the respective national home page
  • Fulbright Partly-funded scholarship for the USA  | Complete course, suitable for Master’s | Submission: 1. May
  • MAK-Schindler-scholarship program at Mackey Apartments, Los Angeles (for artists and architects) | Submission: End of March

General databases

Foreign scholarships that are financed from Austrian federal funds or from funds from the European Commission for the same activity may not be received at the same time as the Erasmus + mobility grant due to the prohibition of double funding.

Please also read the newsletters of the Angewandte and subscribe to those of the respective interest groups. Project grants and artist-in-residence programs from the Federal Chancellery of Austria and the country representatives are not explicitly mentioned here.

International Office

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