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Application Deadlines
15. May
15. November


  • For short-term, specialist courses
  • Scientific work in other countries

General Information

This funding may only relate to studies in other countries lasting a maximum of 5 months. The rates for countries within Europe amount to € 400 and for overseas states to € 800 per month. However, the maximum sum to be paid is restricted to € 2,400. In all cases, the allocation of a scholarship is dependent upon the coverage available from university budget funds.

Application requirements

  • Applications are only possible when the planned project is to be completed in connection with preparations for degree work, a thesis, or specialist post-graduate activities (max. 2 years after the graduation).
  • Austria as the permanent place of residence and the focal point of interests (e.g. career, studies).
  • At the time of the application, the candidate may not be in another country for the realisation of his/her educational objective.

Application documents

  • Application form with photo
  • Complete curriculum vitae with precise description of studies to date.
  • A detailed study and research plan for the international scholarship period, which above all must clarify the necessity of course attendance for the degree or special further training.
  • Two letters of recommendation from a professor at our university (whereby in the case of degree and doctoral students one of these recommendations must come from the dissertation/thesis tutor), in which the necessity and duration of the international study is confirmed, a list of grades and if required, degree certificate.
  • Confirmation of attendance at the course, or confirmation of the salary for the internship (or confirmation that it is unpaid) provided by the desired international institution (support commitment).  
  • A budget plan that clarifies the intended form of financing (e.g. grants, own earnings, loans) by means of a comparison with living expenses and possible course fees.  The study and research costs included in the budget should be evidenced by confirmation from the international institution.

Academic staff can also apply for grants for international stays according with the same deadlines under “International Relations Advancement.”

For all positive applications: AFTER MOBILITY, you have to hand in confirmations and a personal report (A4) of your project. For academic staff also the original bills and receipts are necessary. Otherwise the grant will be claimed back!

including postgraduate scholarships for foreign-language speaking students

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International Office can give relevant information on application.
Listed Scholarships are NOT supervised by the International Office of the Angewandte


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