Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD)

The OeAD is Austria’s leading non-profit making service organisation in the field of inter­national educational and scientific co-operation. OeAD activities involve general, academic and professional education, whereby the area of academic mobility constitutes a special focal point with historical origins.
Association tasks:

  • National agency for the European Union’s ERASMUS+ programme
  • Support of diverse third nation programmes of the European Union
  • Support and administration of the “Austria - Slovakia”, "Austria - Czech Republic" and "Austria - Hungary" schemes
  • National CEEPUS office
  • Support and administration of the scientific-technical agreement (WTZ)
  • Organisation of pre-study courses in the university locations of Vienna, Graz and Leoben
  • International presentations of Austria as an university location
  • Information and consulting for Austrian and International students and scientists
  • Expert function, lobbying for the support of (academic) mobility
  • Networking and co-operation with other international (exchange) organisations
  • Language Testing Services
  • Arrangement of accommodation for international students and guest researchers