Head: Univ.-Prof. Henning Bohl
The study program aims to enhance the students’ artistic positions and strengthen their ability to critically engage with practical and theoretical aspects of painting. Building upon this core area, space is provided for trans- and interdisciplinary modes of working via installation-oriented, performative and other forms of praxis. The artistic development of the students is accompanied by one-on-one interviews and group discussions with the faculty.

On a weekly basis, students of the painting department have the opportunity to conceive and realize exhibitions. These exhibitions and possible formats of communicating them are subsequently discussed together in class.

External artists and curators are regularly invited to give insights into their work in lectures and conduct workshops with the students. In addition, exhibition visits and excursions are organized to examine on site how different commercial and institutional formats of presenting art are fashioned.

Seminars offered by the faculty discuss historical and current artistic modes of working. The seminars are based on texts by artists and art historical literature in order to engage with different text formats between discourse and praxis and to practice writing own texts.

By taking aspects of the production, distribution and reception of art into account, the study program seeks to achieve two things: Working on an independent artistic position and situating it in the current artistic field.

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