Patrik Muchenberger

is a Swiss artist who graduated at the University of applied art in Vienna in July 2011. Since then he works in the field of Painting, Transmedialart and Landart in Austria, Brasil and Switzerland. His current artistic focus is a artist collaboration which runs by the name Pengpengduo aka #dblpng (Muchenberger/Brotbeck). #dblpng says: Economical in resources, wasteful in use, we throw art into the room. Recently #dblpng works in the „Summeratelier“ of Weinfelden, Canton Thurgau in Switzerland and has its exhibition at 28th of august.

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Pintura sobre o Brasil, 2020

My Working place is in Rorschach since 2016 and since 2017 also in Weinfelden. I work in Switzerland since I am back from Brazil. The working space in Weinfelden I share with Alex Brotbeck. We r #dblpng. Recently staying at the Sommeratelier in the Remise Weinfelden. I love on my Working place in Rorschach that my Atelier is a part of my flat where I live and it’s one Walking–Minute from the Bodensee away. It is also very close of the Rorschacherberg–Forest. In Weinfelden I love the Flair of the old city and that #dblpng has the possibility of working at the Trottenhof of Brotbeck.