Christiane Spatt

1966* in Innsbruck (A), Lives and works in Vienna (A)
1985-1995 Studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna (A) with Oswald Oberhuber, Ernst Caramelle and Mario Terzic (Diploma)


Since years I work in my home studio, situated in the centre of Vienna. It is a big room typical old building with parquet floor and folding doors.
I tried to work outside of my flat, shared Studio, but it is most convenient for me to combine working and living, because sometimes I worl late in the night. Or I just have 2 hours time tp work. My working space is always near, night and day.

My work is based on familiar patterns and accessories which transport memories in the form of paintings, collages, and installations and refer to stages of life, are charged with feelings and associations. Family photos create direct references to my childhood or to me as a private person. My artistic engagement is inspired by the question of which political, social, and cultural systems we live in, which inner images, formative influences, and patterns we act and interact on.

So I am a kind of collector of used personal items, I live with them, I am surrounded by a mixture old photographies, clothes, tableware, toys, bags…and I try to organize them and keep order. I cant work among chaos.

Part of my work is staging myself in selfportraits. I always make them with self timer of 10 seconds, I have to move very fast between camera and my chosen position.  So I have a flexible photostudio in my workin place.

I work with differet medias and techniques – I paint, photograph, collage, use textile techniques and engrave in mirorrs and glass.
All images (c) Christiane Spatt