Nicole Weniger

born 1987 in Innsbruck, studied Transmedia Arts with Brigitte Kowanz and Art and Communication with Barbara Putz-Plecko at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
For Nicole Weniger, identity is the most important theme of her artistic work. Questions of belonging, adaptation, social boundaries and the corresponding rules of conduct, characterize her artistic research, which she stages in the form of performative and photographic interventions.
Currently she is working on an artistbook about her performance project VULCANIA.

Homes (2019, photo by Nicole Weniger)
In the series „Homes" we see photographs of interventions in the alpine landscape. The photograph shown was created in the summer of 2019 in Graubünden in Switzerland. The tent-like construction was built for the photographic staging. Questions about the owner and the special appearance of the hut remain unanswered. As in older works by the artist, the identity remains hidden. It raises, like the one in Tom Wait's song "What´s he building in there?".

Scream Room
Interactive Installation
Photography: Nicole Weniger
Innsbruck & Vienna 2013
The Scream Room functions as a vent for pent-up emotions that are usually repressed within the public affairs of the city. In the soundproof room, a livestream projection shows the view from a mountain in the vicinity of Innsbruck, where the scream could be heard in real time. This virtual mountaintop experience, combined with the illusion of a complete change of location, gives city-dwellers not only an opportunity to let their emotions run freely, but also the possibility of a moment's escape from the events of city life, without actually leaving the city at all.

Seasonal Integration
Performance / Photo series
Framed carbon prints, 44 x 76 cm framed
Photography: Nicole Weniger
Salzburg 2014
The burka ban that has been debated in Europe is an attempt to halt the appearance of the burka in public. Contrary to this, one is happy to welcome the well-heeled Arabic tourist as a guest. Islamophobia is at odds with profitable tourism management. An ever-growing number of Arabic holidaymakers are choosing to visit Austria. In an effort to profit financially from this phenomenon, courses and workshops are now on offer, which are supposed to teach the correct etiquette and protocol for dealing with Arabic tourists. Zell am See is turning into Little Abu Dhabi; traditional restaurants are changing their names to Ali Baba. Seasonal Integration with a glossy finish.
The performance Seasonal Integration first took place with the artist collective TheNewMonarchy in Budapest.

Society of Posthuman Experience
Installative Performance
Photography: Lucia Hofer
Premierentage, Festival für zeitgenössiche Kunst, Innsbruck, 2019
Society of Posthuman Experience is a performance project with and about redheaded people.

Vulcania (2019, photo by Nicole Weniger)
Based on the myth, Innsbruck´s local mountain, the Patscherkofel, is a former volcano, Nicole Weniger initiates the performative research project VULCANIA. Beings, coming from the presumed volcano, are the main actors. This project raises the question of who is decisive or pretends to be as "typical", "native", in the sense of belonging and contrary to "Zuagroast" (moved) to be able to designate.