Unit for Quality Enhancement

The Unit for Quality Enhancement (UQE) is a department within context of Strategy, Service and Administration at the Angewandte. UQE focuses on quality development in teaching, research and administration.

The UQE provides information for and advice to teachers, search committee members, curriculum committee members and department heads. UQE supports quality enhancement by collecting, surveying and presenting (in adequate formats) information about teaching, research and administration.

The UQE performs these tasks in coordination with the developmental goals of the Angewandte and in cooperation with actors and involved persons in the areas of teaching, research and administration. UQE support evolves from its own investigations and the latest research results, but refers also to concerns of actors in teaching, research and administration.

In the area of strategy, the tasks of UQE concentrate on co-designing the Development Plan and the Performance Agreement (Performance Contract).

In the area of services, UQE provides information, for example on the following topics: the professional situation of graduates (graduate surveys), the evaluation of studies (by graduates at study completion), the artistic and scientific activities of the Angewandte (Intellectual Annual Report, Wissensbilanz), and the feedback about teaching (teaching evaluation). In addition, UQE supports teachers in teaching evaluation, curriculum committees in curriculum design and search committees in appointment procedures.
Unit for Quality Enhancement