Media Arts

Diploma programme

Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8


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The Media Arts programme is taught as an integrative field involving artistic research, artistic and media theory, and organisational and social aspects. The aim is the training of independent, artistic-experimental design capabilities and the exploratory acquisition of technical know-how and expertise for the opening up of new media-design qualities and possibilities in an interaction with a critical, scientific and theory-led discourse concerning the social consequences of technologically-related transformation processes for perception and knowledge production.   
Transmedia Arts serves artistic, artistic-research and practice-oriented training and professional preparation with a focus on spatial and time-based concepts and pro­jects. In addition, approaches are communicated that involve special spatial and place-related projects, artistic interventions in the architectural area and public domain, media installations and moving pictures and sound within the context of art and film, artistic film and video art, and knowledge concerning the relationships, mutual purposes and interactions of bodies, light, space and time.  
Digital Arts studies are directed towards the development of artistic research metho­do­logy and the appropriate know-how competence, which should enable graduates to undertake critical, innovative and experimental research into social functions in an information society determined by a digital code. In particular, teaching involves basic qualifications for the artistic discourse with the computer as a medium, as well as the related specific qualities and possibilities for the artistic design and realisation of electronic fields of action, relating to co-operative and relocated artistic practice and a confrontation with technical media, especially with regard to machine-assisted and machine-manipulated image and sound processing.  
The Media Arts degree course is divided into two study segments.

Graduate activities

In line with the technological progress in the information and know-how societies graduate activities are diverse and largely relate to the interfaces of interdisciplinary, artistic media productions with a focus on visuality, acoustics, multi-sensory perception environments and interactive art in the electronic media. The process of creating a digital culture poses new aesthetic challenges and creates new working areas in the field of artistic design. 

In the Media Arts area of study, the foundations are laid for careers as a media artist and artistic-experimental designer in interdisciplinary research interrelationships and professional activities. In addition, graduates are equipped for the opening up of new types of career.
Transmedia Arts
This study primarily qualifies graduates for artistic and artistic-scientific activities in the field of media and spatial art, although at the same time, it also opens the way to a broad range of areas of work and professions in which artistic or artistic research, project design and implementation in the media and cultural field are both required and essential.    
Digital Arts
Above all, this study qualifies graduates for artistic research ane experimental design using the computer as a medium in the widest possible context.

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