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The book series of the University of Applied Art Vienna Edition Angewandte, published by Gruyter Verlag, comprises anthologies, documentations and monographs with a focus on architecture, visual and media art, design, art theory, art pedagogy and art education. Appearing since 2007, the series has become widely known and recognized as an established platform for relevant publications from art and science. In recent years the series has expanded considerably. Considering the size of its student body and faculty the Angewandte is certainly the most active university in Austria in terms of publishing. The books appear in both in German and English and are promoted by a national and international marketing network.  The series now boasts a total of 160 publications.


The book series ARIS – Arts, Research, Innovation and Society, co-edited by Gerald Bast and David Campbell (Angewandte ) and Elias Carayannis (George Washington University) and published with Springer Verlag, was conceived as an international platform for state-of-the-art contributions on subjects such as artistic research, the relationship of art and science and the interaction between university and society.
Other Publishers

The Angewandte also supports publication projects appearing outside of the book series mentioned above.
Publications on the works of artists who have taught or studied at the Angewandte receive some funding from the Angewandte but are also supported with the knowhow from the department of publication management.
Mag. Anja Seipenbusch-Hufschmied