ecm - educating/curating/managing

Postgraduate Programme

Academic degree: MA (educating/curating/managing) - Master of Arts
Credits: 120 ECTS
Duration: 4
This programme lasts for four semesters and involves 28 teaching modules at weekends with a total of 40 semester hours (600 teaching units). A tutored, written, master’s thesis is to be completed. In line with the conditions of a related directive from the federal ministry with responsibility for the universities, graduates will be awarded the academic title of a Master of Arts – MA (educating/curating/managing).

ECM is a postgraduate, extra occupational degree course for people, who are involved in the presentation and communication of real or abstract content and wish to deepen and extend their capabilities. Such persons can include scientists, museum and exhibition curators, artists, art and cultural communicators, media designers, and specialists in the PR, marketing and design field.

ECM develops criteria for the quality, success, and both the content-related and economic argumentation of exhibitions and presentations, and their communication with regard to  optimum transfers between the product and the public. ECM qualifies for goal-oriented and efficient project concepts, production, communication and evaluation. ECM offers practical experience on a profound theoretical basis and sees itself as a training platform for innovative projects with a maximum of 26 students.

ECM is part of the Institute for Art and Cultural Sciences and Art Pedagogics and provides a team of teachers from all theoretical and practical areas from both national and international institutions.
Mag. Beatrice Jaschke
ADir. Frank Müller