Diploma programme

Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8


Applied Photography and Time-based Media
Graphic Design
Graphics and Advertising
The aim of the University’s diploma programme in Design and its majors is to familiarise students with the theories, methods and skills relating to the design of communications, surfaces, objects and spaces. The diversity of methods, theories and artistic approaches employed guarantee the required range and the proximity of the training to actual practice is ensured together with the nurturing of an ability to complete profound, scientific reflection with regard to the social environment and personal action. In particular, students are prepared for the employment of the communicated theories, methods and skills in their future professional surroundings and working in a conceptual manner.

The diploma programme in Design are divided into two segments.
The study of design presupposes artistic creativity and scientific discourse in a close relationship to economic and social practice. 

Graduate activities

With their acquired qualifications, graduates can work in a variety of areas.

Graphic Design
As graphic designers, typographers, illustrators, digital image processing specialists, packaging designers and exhibition designers in design agencies, PR and advertising agencies in the areas of corporate identity and corporate design, new media agencies, the publishing sector, various cultural facilities and for private enterprise and public bodies.

Graphics and Advertising
As graphic designers, layout artists, copywriters, art directors, advertising managers in advertising agencies, corporate advertising departments and other organisations.  Students receive a profound grounding in communications theory, the cultural sciences, market and motivation research, and are therefore specially qualified to develop and realise advertising concepts for the print and electronic media.

As fashion designers at existing national and international labels and/or fashion houses, or they will found their own fashion labels.