Bachelor programme

Academic degree: BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Credits: 180 ECTS
Duration: 6

Master programme

Academic degree: MA (Master of Arts)
Credits: 120 ECTS
Duration: 4
The art system in which graduates in “TransArts” will work, oscillates between differing artistic disciplines, theory and practice, concept and artistic techniques, artistic production and its contextualization and communication. Art will not only be taught or learned using traditional teaching forms, but in particular by means of communication, inventiveness and reflective working in an exchange with teachers and students.  The “TransArt” study course will attempt to consolidate these processes, which encourage creativity, by means of a new study architecture that will also break through the disciplinary limitations traditional to the universities and thus create a radical, innovative, and in many regards unique, approach to art education.

As opposed to schooling and organizational and thematic fragmentation, work within the scope of the “TransArts” course will be characterized by a project orientation, individual responsibility and communications.  

A 6-semester bachelor course is to be established, and following an introductory year in which a theoretical and technological foundation will be provided in various scientific and artistic techniques, each semester of both courses will consist of a single artistic-scientific project supported by study-related reflection. During project development and implementation, a core artistic team and guest lecturers will assist the respective student classes. An expert group with an analogous composition, comprised of both visiting and professors from the university, will carry out an interim review of the semester project in mid-semester and the final assessment. Moreover, during the first year of the bachelor course, tutors, who will receive special training for the purpose, will organize and conduct the information, working and communications processes among the students. Lectures and workshops held by first class visiting professors and lecturers will offer students an opportunity to expand their knowledge and consider their projects and ideas in the light of the expertise and know-how of the guests, who are successfully active in the art system.