Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art)

Doctoral programme

Academic degree: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
Duration: 6
Language: Englisch / English
The Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna represent a postgraduate study programme in the field of art, in which independent artistic research is generated to contribute to the development and appreciation of the arts. These studies focus on artistic work that is regarded as the basis of knowledge production.
The Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art) is governed by topics and practices of artistic research. Contesting and reflecting upon the specific methods and production processes on use of the own artistic project represent a significant part to be incorporated in the research work. As a matter of principle, research in the sense of comprehensive knowledge production is defined as open to any outcome.

The doctoral programme consists of course and colloquia attendances and a dissertation in the form of an artistic research thesis.

The thesis in form of an artistic research project is to be produced, respectively a thesis in form of a number of artistic projects connected to each other as far as the research issue is concerned (artistic complex of work, groups of work).
The research outcome is to be documented in a suitable manner; it is to be contextualized and reflected upon. The conclusions of the artistic research are to be communicated in comprehensible form.

The thesis consists of an artistic work, as well as a presentation – in the meaning of a reflexive documentation – of the insights gained.


Graduate Activities

The study programme enables graduates to accomplish independent artistic research achievements at the level of international standards, as well as to take on coordinating and leading roles.

The doctoral studies offer artists the opportunity to generate fresh knowledge regarding specific issues in the arts, to contextualize their artistic research and to adequately communicate the insights gained. They possess the abilities required to successfully hold their ground in both national and international artistic environments.