Conservation and Restoration

Diploma programme

Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 300 ECTS
Duration: 10
Conservation and Restoration is concerned with the active preservation of art and cultural artefacts, which owing to their historical, artistic, cultural and scientific value constitute irreplaceable documents and monuments.  The major significance of these objects demands a course of study at the highest level. Both theoretical and practical focal points are of great significance and are carefully matched in a balanced manner.

Degree studies in Conservation and Restoration are structured in two segments. The initial study segment introduces students to the bases of Conservation and Restoration studies. An introductory process in the first two semesters is intended to communicate an overview of the specialist areas within the individual disciplines. The second study segment serves specialisation and in-depth study in the specialist areas of painting, objects, stone and textile restoration.  

Project-related, practical studies are accompanied by theoretical teaching related to the humanities and natural sciences, whereby the content is not communicated in isolation or in self-fulfilling context, but rather always with a focus on conservation and restoration and their mutual interactions.

Graduate activities

Restorers undertake responsibility for the examination, conservation and restoration of objects of cultural value, as well as the documentation and completion of all the related processes. Restorers (academic restorers) must be able to recognise, analyse and document complex restoration problems within their entire context, and to complete interventions according to the state-of-the-art. Restoration always requires interdisciplinary teamwork.

Graduates are active in the museum sector, increasingly in the field of preventive conservation, and the preservation of buildings and monuments. Their position is equal to that of academics from neighbouring disciplines and foresees interdisciplinary exchanges.

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Entrance Exam for Conservation and Restoration

Next Entrance Exam:
General Schedule
Submission of Portfolio and Exam
    22.02.2021 bis 26.02.2021

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Studies commence
in Wintersemester after the formal admission