Fine Arts

Diploma programme

Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8

Diploma programme old

Admissions no longer possible
Academic degree: (Magister artium)
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8

Main artistic subjects

Painting and Animated Film
Sculpture and Space
Site-Specific Art
Change-Over from old to new Curriculum
A change-over from the old to the new curriculum in Fine Arts is possible on request. New admissions are possible only for the new Curriculum!
For further information please see the curricula (in the main window to the left) and the "Studienplananalyse" (Example according to new curriculum - here).
The diploma programme in Fine Arts is divided into two study segments:
1st segment: 2 semesters, 2nd segment: 6 semesters

The programme revolves around contemporary fine arts in its variety of forms. Based on historical and current trends at the Angewandte, the central artistic subjects currently on offer and shaping the programme contents are Photography, Graphics, Painting, Painting and Animated Film, Landscape Art plus Sculpture and Space. On top of that, students may select from a broad spectrum of courses – as per the continuously updated schedule of availability – to individually add to their central artistic subject.
The dynamic area of development and production which exists between all artistic and scientific departments and workshops at the Angewandte opens up a multitude of work opportunities of high quality for all students of the Fine Arts programme. The format of the diploma degree programme provides the framework required to encourage students‘ independent artistic growth.
The programme is split into two study segments. The first study segment is designed to support students in finding their way through the programme of Fine Arts. Starting from the selected central artistic subject, students should explore their individual potential with regard to their study goals and further development of their personal set of competences.
The second study segment enables students to advance and deepen the own, independent approach of
contents, materials, tools and „language” of fine arts.

Graduate activities

Contemporary artists are active in a variety of contexts; they use highly diverse media and materials. Their works may cover artistic-practical, theoretical, conceptual and scientific aspects in all areas of society. Therefore, the objective of the Fine Arts programme is to create the conditions for artistic and financially autonomous actions, thus enabling individually defined, artistic careers.
Graduates are to be able to independently handle materials, tools and the “language” of fine arts. Based on extensive knowledge and understanding of contemporary and historical practices and theories in the context of fine arts, as well as in the broader cultural and social context, graduates will have developed an awareness, which enables them to contribute the following skills and abilities to their own artistic practice, plus any other vocational and social areas:
  • The ability to develop an artistic practice which will include production, presentation, administration, selfmanagement and marketing
  • The ability to refine manual skills according to the requirements of the own, artistic work
  • Profound knowledge and understanding of current trends evolving in the practices, dialogues and contexts of contemporary fine arts
  • Knowledge of technical skills and theories, as well as organizational skills and communication competences relevant to artistic work
  • The skill set for inter- and transdisciplinary work and research
  • Conceptual and aesthetic awareness and understanding
  • Forming and communicating ideas and thoughts visually, orally and in writing
  • Strategies for creating ideas and developing experimental approaches on use of appropriate media
  • Recognising contexts in which the own work may flourish
  • Understanding and awareness of gender and diversity issues
  • Clear understanding of the system „Art“ and its mechanics
  • The ability to act in economic independence
  • The ability to contribute to current discussions regarding art, culture and society issues