Information for Teachers

Location and time, description of content and examination modalities of the course are available to students on the website of the Angewandte. For this purpose, the teachers must enter and approve their information in the online service, under the link "current teaching". Up-to-date deadlines for entries in the online service are being indicated for the respective semester.

On the website, you also have the opportunity to inform students about learning objectives and their references to the study (curriculum) goals, by entering the relevant information on a second page under "current teaching". You can also use these entries for the creation of a questionnaire, if you opt for a standardized student feedback in context of an evaluation of teaching.
The Teaching Evaluation Work Group, which has been set up to develop teaching and course evaluation, established the following criteria:

The teacher should receive the relevant feedback about the course that she or he is teaching. Therefore, she/he can decide about the specific content of evaluation, can select the evaluation method at her/his own discretion and can furthermore make decisions about the disclosure of results. To ensure further development, teachers should perform a teaching evaluation at least three semesters after they have taught one or several courses.

The following evaluation procedures are available (for you) and may be optionally adapted:

The standardized student feedback

is recommended, if you want to ask students about concrete content and their assessment. For example, whether students have acquired the skills and competences (learning outcomes) intended by the course, the extent with which certain goals were addressed by your course and how students perceived the design of your teaching based on specific criteria. More information

The qualitative student feedback

is recommended, if the relevant content is to be identified by the students themselves. For example, how the students profit from having visited your course, what was helpful to them, and what they thought was missing. More information

The collegial feedback 'Critical Friends'

is recommended, if you want to receive feedback from someone (who is also teacher) about your teaching methods, your interaction with your students or about other issues. More information

To learn about the different evaluation procedures, you find under Continuing Education the workshop 'Die Weiterentwicklung meiner Lehre - welches Evaluierungsverfahren passt zu meinen Fragen?‘.

For evaluation of the Central Artistic Subject the Teaching Evaluation Work Group recommends a peer review. The design of individual supervision of students by several teachers (during the course of project work) represents a complex phenomenon, which is being assessed by colleagues from outside of the Angewandte. More information

For advice about teaching evaluation, please contact Margit Hartel and Alexandra Frank.
In the online-service you can print out an examination record for your own course.

To do so, you need to log in with your p-number under and to click on examination records and the selected course, for which you need the examination record. After you have printed and filled it out manually, either bring or forward the record to Academic Affairs.