Art Education

Bachelor programme

Academic degree: BEd, Bachelor of Education
Credits: 240 ECTS
Duration: 8

Master programme

Academic degree: MEd, Master of Education
Credits: 90 ECTS
Duration: 3 (bzw. 4 Sem bei indiv. Erweiterung)


from WS 2017/18
before WS 2017/18
Art and Communication Practices
(Fine Arts)
kkp: Art and Communication Practices
(Fine Arts)
dex: Design, Material Culture and Experimental Practices
(Technology and Textiles)
tex: Textiles – Free and Contextual Artistic Practice and Material Culture
(Textile Design)
 dae: Design, Architektur und Environment
(Design and Technology)
Art Education involves the study of two subjects. The course of study is oriented towards preparations for the teaching profession, during which, artistic, scientific and pedagogic qualifications should be obtained. These enable graduates to professionally communicate art in both a productive and receptive form in schools and other fields.    

The special features of this study relate to the close linkage of practice and theory and the combination of personal artistic activities with art and cultural theory, historical and pedagogic-didactic reflection. Joint thematic focal points are offered in order to guarantee the integration of these three training areas.  

The scientific education is targeted on the acquisition of knowledge concerning the development of art, visual culture and the aesthetic theories of the past and present, an awareness of the problems of the social dimension, the function of and fundamental interconnections between art, cultural theories and society, the comprehension and critical assessment of the possibilities and limitations of art and cultural science questions and methods, a knowledge of symbolic theories, and a basic understanding of the questions relating to the issues and problems of female and gender research.  

General Pedagogics communicates know-how and methodological competences, in order to facilitate appropriate action as a teacher in learning situations, and an ability to comprehend and reflect upon school-related situations.

Specialist Didactics develops the ability to critically analyse the history of ideas and the methods of the teaching departments. It encourages the development of new perspectives from both a content and methodology angle, whereby special attention is paid to technical and medial developments and their interaction with art and society.

Graduate activities

In addition to a teaching qualification for higher schools, the study opens the way to other and new professional areas such as art communication in museums, galleries and exhibitions, etc., project management in the area of art and culture, artistic-interventionist and socio-cultural project work in differing social areas, and artistic-scientific project design and completion in various media sectors. Focal points are offered in the curriculum in order to facilitate specialisation. 

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Entrance Examination

Admission to Bachelor/Master programmes in Art Education is possible after successfully passed entrance exam, during admission period of the subsequent winter semester.
Within the first two days of the entrance exam week the portfolio must be submitted.
Studies commence
   in winter semester after the formal admission
Combination of subjects Angewandte/Uni Wien
After successful completion of the Entrance Examination at Angewandte it is NOT necessary to take part in the teaching qualification assessment at University of Vienna.