Data Loam

Sometimes Hard, Usually Soft. The Future of Knowledge Systems

As a reaction to the dominant effect and interpretive authority of the digital, Data Loam combines radical approaches based on positions taken in the international practice of contemporary art.
Previously: insistence on indexicality and the instrumental reduction of knowledge. Instead: a new metric that requires play, curiosity, experiment, and risk. As an urgent response to the continually growing flood of information that libraries, search engines, and cultural institutions are exposed to, the authors develop approaches that suggest and permit sensual logic, causal permeability, and new forms of man–machine interaction.
Data Loam focuses on the future of knowledge systems in texts about artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and cryptoeconomics – as a means of counteracting end-of-the-world fears.
  • New approaches to AI, cybernetics, and cryptoeconomics in the context of contemporary art

  • Alternative models of data mining, indexing, correlation

  • The significance of knowledge in the 21st century as an expression of sense/sensuality, experiment, risk
Johnny Golding, Royal College of Art, London
Martin Reinhart, filmmaker, Vienna
Mattia Paganelli, Royal College of Art, London
Book cover: Data Loam
Data Loam
ISBN: 978-3-11-068007-2
Herausgeber: Johnny Golding, Martin Reinhart und Mattia Paganelli
Verlag: De Gruyter
Sprache: Englisch
Preis: EUR 39.95
Big data: A matter of art