Artistic works on tourism
"The tourist destroys what he seeks by finding it." (H.M. Enzensberger)
In her artistic transmedia work, Catherine Ludwig investigates global phenomena of collective leisure pursuits and their effect on the Earth. Her oeuvre provides an insight into human relationships and the structures of power they are based on. Different epochs and (open) spaces are analyzed with a view to nature and public space; how is public space constituted and how is it experienced by us? What are the ideas of nature that become established? And how do they form spaces that have been opened up for the purpose of tourism? There is a longing for unadulterated nature, which is marketed in images, and yet, in reality, this has become very difficult to find. Because, in the Anthropocene age, almost everything has been opened up and exploited.
Innovative discussion of the phenomenon of tourism and its risks
Artistic transmedia works on tourism and leisure pursuits
Text contributions by experts in the context of the Anthropocene debate
Catherine Ludwig, artist; lives and works in Vienna, travels
Fred Luks, economist, sustainability researcher, journalist, Vienna

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Transmedia Works on Leisure in the Anthropocene