Pre-Programme in the City

Angewandte Festival 2021

With our pre-programme for the Angewandte Festival 2021 we will spread out into public space and send out signals of the Angewandte Festival into public space. With this, we want to acknowledge the analogue and the physical, to provoke movements in the city and to incite encounters. The contributions are intended as thematic stimulations that will be continued within the framework of the Angewandte Festival between 29 June and 2 July, 2021.

In 2021, we are going to recapture analogue space.

Following the current Covid-19-restrictions, the activities are streamed from different locations and can be visited online at

Upcoming Dates:

22. June 2021

Jeremy Wade: Love Is Not Romance, honey!
Lecture Performance by The Battlefield Nurse
↳STREAMED from Platz vor dem Bundesamtsgebäude
↳PERFORMANCE Lecture Performance

Where is love?? In an impossible possible political ritual Jeremy Wade’s 5000-year-old Battlefield Nurse alter ego is sick of how crucial terms such as care, repair and love have been sold down the river in the violent present. We need love to serve as force of interdependence with intimate strangers and all earthly creatures. Sing it!! The Battlefield Nurse will lead a participatory intervention, a fake political ritual repositioning love as a hyper relational ethic.

Past Dates:

11. May 2021

The Facts of Life

and stories about ourselves, the world and being inside and outside
↳Streamed from Arenbergpark, 1030 Wien

A collaborative performance of CDS students on the topic of Du Contrat Social (On the Social Contract), which was developed as a trailer for the Angewandte Festival. Distributed around Arenbergpark, excerpts from a year’s projects will be on show, discussing the facts of life and other stories. The presentation formats vary in their form, dimension and duration – polychrome and hushed, monochrome and loud. Children are welcome.

18. Maiy 2021

Lab Report
Mobile Lab
↳ONLINE from the former Postsparkasse building to Sonnwendviertel district
↳Angewandte Performance Lab

As a transversal platform for research and teaching, APL affirms the relationship between body, perception, art and society in post-digital contexts.
For Pre-Programme in the City, members of APL, including teaching staff, scientists and students of Angewandte, and all those who are interested, will have the opportunity to talk to them about, and get involved in their performative practices as part of a mobile lab on tour through the city.

from 25 May to 29 June, anytime at Oskar-Kokoschka-Platz

A billboard exhibition
↳Exhibition in the City
↳Department Graphics and Printmaking

Development of life on earth is picking up speed. This man-made acceleration is bringing about a kind of change that will soon make human life on earth intolerable.  Where do we come from? And where do we want to go to? What sort of place are we looking for, and what will we do with it once we’ve found it?


from 1 June, anytime
Online and recommended start at Nordbahnhalle

echo/ghost – Tryout
↳Institute for Language Arts in cooperation with the Wiener Festwochen

We will begin by getting collectively involved with developing the concept of archive(s). Students of Language Arts at University of Applied Arts Vienna, Audiowalks: at the heart of various different projects lies the universal question about stories that curate history, about the violence with which they are enforced – and finally, what “writing despite everything” could look like, in order to enter back rooms and the back of pictures and reshuffle the cards. 

8. June 2021

Collective Action Viewer
17:00 - Livestream
↳ONLINE vom Resselpark
↳DISKURS Installation und Site-Talk
↳Angewandte Innovation Lab

Verena Tscherner’s & Joerg Auzinger’s “Collective Action Viewer” is a media installation in the public space on Karlsplatz which will serve as a platform and initiative for meetings. Katharina Gsöllpointner, Head of the Department for International Programmes in Sustainable Developments, is deeply involved with art and the digital world, especially in times of climate change. These explosive topics, which are also addressed by Tscherner/Auzinger in their current artistic work, will be subject of discussion.

15. June 2021

10:00 - Livestream
↳Streamed from Haus der Barmherzigkeit 
↳DISKURS Site-Talk

In a talk presented by art historian Eva Maria Stadler, sociologist Brigitte Aulenbacher, staff member of Haus der Barmherzigkeit, care worker Izabela Glowinska and artist Jenni Tischer look into different perspectives of sociological analysis, work reality/realities and artistic practices in care work. 


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