Science Visualization

Head: emer. o.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Alfred Vendl
Martina R. Fröschl, MSc
The common understanding of modern scientific research becomes more and more difficult as activities are carried out in size and time ranges we cannot perceive with the naked eye. The key to understanding for laymen is most commonly a visualization of these hidden processes. The Science Visualization Lab at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria specializes in making invisible scientific phenomena visible.

The majority of those phenomena are outside the limits of human perception, therefore, the creations of the Science Visualization Lab under the leadership of Alfred Vendl are focused on the visualization of these procedures utilizing the appropriate technical equipment.
Computer-generated imagery and animations are created in different innovative workflows while using imagery obtained from light microscopes, confocal microscopes, computer tomography, and different electron microscopes to create visible dynamic sequences of normally invisible procedures. One of the key goals is to make these procedures understandable for broad audiences while still implementing them accurately. To that end, some of these animation sequences have been used in popular TV-productions, art installations, and other means of knowledge communication.

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Science Visualization Lab
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