European Symposium: Cultural Politics and Right-Wing Populism

One-day cultural policy conference at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
Europe has been cast under the spell of a conservative revolution. This manifests itself in the growing strength of the right-wing populists that influence the political agenda. Their resolutely antiliberal, anti-democratic and anti-establishment traits call for a "different Europe". Their protagonists jeopardize the achievements of liberal democracy and thus the European notion of unity.

The many ramifications of the latest wave of globalization are generally criticized by representatives of the new right, and they will be used to propogate a counter-agenda: one against “globalists“ in the form of advocates, profiteers, and visionaries of globalization. In the struggle against a culturally, economically and socially bordless world, it is important for these anti-liberal political forces to once again strengthen the sovereign nation-state, which is concerned solely with the welfare of its own citizens. In the search for the reasons for social inequalities, the fight against unjust economic power relations is no longer adressed, but rather the defense against ethnic-cultural differences.

In addition to fundamental socio-political and cultural-scientific considerations on the current political radicalization, the symposium and its guests will egnage with an overview of cultural policy developments in selected European countries, such as Great Britain, France, Hungary and the Netherlands. To this end, artistic strategies will be presented that deal with current political changes in Europe. A final panel will provide information about the consequences these developments have, especially in the field of artistic education and training.

Location: University of Applied Art Vienna, Heiligenkreuzer Hof, Schönlaterngasse 5, 1010 Vienna

Concept and moderation: Michael Wimmer/ University of Applied Arts, EDUCULT/ Vienna, Austria

The conference will be held in both German and English.

Information and registration: info(a)

Guests/ speakers (i.a.): Dimitri Almeida (Georg-August-University Göttingen/ Germany), Gerald Bast (University of Applied Arts/ Austria), Werner T. Bauer (ÖGPP/ Austria), Michael Götz, Sebastian Kraner, Virginia Lui (University of Applied Arts, Social Design/ Austria), Stuart MacDonald (Germany), Nils Oskamp (Artist/ Germany), Dora Papp (Krétakör/ Ungarn), Heather Painter (Fullbright/ Austria), Marlene Rigler (Germany), Paul Schuberth (Anton Bruckner Private University/ Austria)