Coded Cultures

New Creative Practices out of Diversity

Georg Russegger is Scientific Manager of the Research and Development-project »Ludic Interfaces« at the Interface Culture Lab of the University of Art and Design Linz. Together with the association »« he is artistic director of the CODED CULTURES Festival. Georg Russegger is researching the fields of media-integrated knowledgecultures and looks into the development of new artistic-creative abilityprofiles through media- and communication technologies. His doctoral theses in the field of communication theory was supervised by Manfred Faßler at the University of applied Arts Vienna and received the Award of Excellence from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science and Research. Georg Russegger was Post Doc. at the Tokyo National University of the Arts and is co-founder of the research network »FAMe« (Frankfurt Anthropologie des Medialen) at the Goethe University Frankfurt a.M. Matthias Tarasiewicz is one of the founders of »« and CEO of the media prototyping company »«. Besides coordinating »Coded Cultures - Exploring Creative Emergences« he was curating and producing various Exhibitions and Art-related Events with »« (e.g. Coded Cultures - 2004, Cuisine Digitale - 2006, Playfulness - 2008). While being active as a curator and artist since 1998, Matthias is developing experimental media prototypes and researching in the fields of game theory, network theory and experimental media architectures. He studied visual Arts at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. Michal Wlodkowski is one of the founders of »«, coordinator of the festival »Coded Cultures - Exploring Creative Emergences« and CEO of the media prototyping company »«. Since the founding of he curated and produced various Exhibitions, Art-related Events and Projects on the intersections of Design, Media, Art and Technology, among »Coded Cultures - Decoding Digital Culture« in 2004. Besides his engagement as an curator and artist, Michal Wlodkowski develops Projects and researches in the fields of cybernetics and communication theory. He studied Communication Science at the University of Vienna, digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and Ravensbourne College, London.
Coded Cultures
ISBN: 978-3-99043-390-4
Herausgeber: Russegger, Georg / Tarasiewicz, Matthias / Wlodkowski, Michal
Verlag: De Gruyter
Sprache: Deutsch
Preis: EUR 54.95
Through the establishment of new creative cultures, enabled by digital media and global communication networks, new practices and ability profiles of artistic delineations and explorations are gaining new grounds. Furthermore, economic models are eager to create synergies with symbolic values of cultural and artistic programs to deal with the potentials of »creativity«. At the present day it is difficult to predict which catalysts and draft programs can be put into effect for these creative innovation processes. In this book a detailed review from international artists, theorists, researchers and curators will be given on new vectors of creative and artistic coded and cultures departed from digital media related art projects and observation models on the intersection of disciplines like Art, Science, Technology and Design.