Eine offene Plattform für sozialen, politischen und kulturellen Austausch

20. April 2020
Abteilung Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation

Studierende der Abteilung Social Design haben einen virtuellen Raum (über ZOOM) geschaffen, der allen interessierten als offene Plattform für sozialen, politischen und kulturellen Austausch dienen soll. 

Jede*r ist eingeladen Teil des Programms zu werden. TUNE IN!
About the Radio:

appropriates an open platform for social, political and cultural exchange.
Initiated by students of the department "Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation", the space is open for active intervention and participation. Making use of the platform Zoom we want to provide a social infrastructure. A virtual space, that encourages sharing of knowledge, discussions, (un)finished artistic works and concepts — exploring cultural exchange. It opens a counterposition to the contemporary reality of social distance, complementing physical relationships. So far we hosted music and performance acts, as well as readings, discussions, games, cooking sessions and fortune telling. In addition to critical approaches the platform establishes COMMON wellbeing, leisure and fun.

Our virtual space is set through Zoom with the meeting ID 455 161 7763 and password 123456 -

Dates and program:

If you want to participate, contact us via e-mail:

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