How to contact the Office for Student and Academic Affairs
Due to the current Covid-19 situation there are no public opening hours of our department until further notice. Also the availabilty via phone is limited.
The department is best available via (Individual appointments can be made if necessary.)


As long as all necessary content requirements (e.g., performance record in the central artistic subject if required) are fulfilled, an automatic continuation can take place upon payment of the Austrian Student Union fee. For all other universities, a continuation of studies must be registered separately!

The registration documents (study confirmation, "Studienblatt", semester sticker for student identification) can be picked up in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs once the admission period has begun.

Upon non-payment, studies are terminated with the end of the winter semester on 30 April or the end of the summer semester on 30 November. A notification of withdrawal from studies is available in the Office of Student and Academic Affairs upon request.

Co-registration is only valid for one semester and must be renewed each subsequent semester (see admission as co-registered student).
An application for a leave of absence of a maximum of two semesters per occasion can be made during admission period. A leave of absence can be approved for the following reasons:
  • military, training or civilian service
  • illness
  • pregnancy
  • child care commitment or other comparable care responsibilities
  • voluntary social year
  • other reasons which considerably impair studies
During your leave of absence, you remain enrolled, although you are not allowed to attend courses, take examinations, or submit or have scientific/artistic work evaluated.
For further information about leave of absence please contact the office of the Dean of Studies.

An application form for a leave of absence is available below.
For information about participation in a mobility programme, please contact the International Office.

Participants in a mobility programme must only pay the Austrian Student Union fee.

In the event the “Angewandte” coordinates the mobility programme, the Office of Student and Academic Affairs does not need to be informed about the study abroad. Otherwise, a mobility programme confirmation must be submitted to the Office of Student and Academic Affairs within the admission period.