Margarete Jahrmann and Julienne Lorz are the two new professors for two new master’s programmes

Jahrmann in charge of Experimental Game Cultures and Lorz of Expanded Museum Studies
"I am very pleased to announce two new excellent appointments for our two new Master's programmes starting in October 2021: The artist and researcher Margarete Jahrmann will head the new department Experimental Game Cultures and the curator and trained dancer Julienne Lorz will take on the new department Expanded Museum Studies," reports the Rector of the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Gerald Bast. Only recently, the Angewandte had made public the two new Master's programmes, which - in the tradition of the Angewandte - are dedicated to cross-disciplinary fields of the future, are internationally oriented and address the urgent questions of our time within these fields. 

Margarete Jahrmann for Experimental Game Cultures: Media artist and theorist, as well as founder of the Ludic Society, Margarete Jahrmann will head the new Experimental Game Cultures department from 1 August 2021. Currently professor of game design at the Kunstuniversität Zürich and active in the field of artistic research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Jahrmann will devote herself to the principles of free, experimental and artistic game design, art in play and the design of game mechanics that have an impact on and are fed by social contexts: "We aim to introduce game changer concepts through play" is her mission statement. In addition to her journalistic and artistic activities and her experience as a lecturer and teacher, her expertise is based on successful international research projects. "Play as experimental testing and subjective experience of alternative possibilities can show us ways to new forms of future society, politics and empathetic coexistence in order to tackle the global challenges of our time with the wonderful ambiguity of play," Margarete Jahrmann says concluding: "Play is the way!"


Julienne Lorz for Expanded Museum Studies: From 1st October the current chief curator at the Gropius Bau in Berlin will head the Expanded Museum Studies department, which is dedicated to the field of study and research of investigation, expansion and reorientation of the concept of the museum. In addition to her extensive curatorial activity, Julienne Lorz has been and continues to be active in the publishing field, as much of her curatorial work has been accompanied by her own scientific work; she has published original research. Her approach in dealing with the "future of the museum" is academic-scientific on the one hand and practical on the other taking into consideration as well as political, social, and societal contexts. The Angewandte is pleased to appoint this expert to the new Master's programme, which will familiarise students with the current demands of museum work and enable them to reflect on the museum in a constructive and critical manner. "Today we have to ask ourselves: what does a museum look like that deals with the range of important topics such as decolonisation, diversity, accessibility, inclusion, the digital world and sustainability and that reflects these in its  structures?" explains Julienne Lorz.


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