Explicit wish of relatives: No publication of name and/or picture of murder victim of terrorist attack

University of Applied Arts Vienna urges media to respect the wish of victim’s family

In the name of the relatives of the young woman who was murdered in the terrorist attack in Vienna’s city centre last Monday, the University of Applied Arts Vienna addresses all media: Please respect the wish of the family of the killed art student to publish neither her name nor photos – in any medium, on any website or social media channel whatsoever.
As editors, please also refrain from interviewing and photographing fellow students in the vicinity of the university, the crime scene or any other places of mourning.

In the past few days, the Austrian media have acted in accordance with the family’s wish, which has been communicated to each medium several times and individually.

Unfortunately, a non-Austrian medium has trampled on this wish of the relatives for respect and consideration in the worst days of their lives. We neither confirm nor deny the personal details given there.
The University of Applied Arts Vienna and the members of the university will continue to refrain from communicating any personal details and will neither confirm nor deny any questions asked or information or statements given. The wish of the relatives in these terrible hours is of highest priority to the University of Applied Arts Vienna and we ask the media to respect this.