Exhibition Opening: UNDERSTANDING – ART & RESEARCH Jun 27, 2019

Understanding, perceiving and experiencing art and research
Starting today, Thursday evening, the University of Applied Arts Vienna presents 26 projects of artistic research in the exhibition UNDERSTANDING - ART & RESEARCH at the Museum of Applied Arts Vienna (MAK). The show conveys and shows, exhibits and presents, makes visible and tangible what artistic research can and wants to be. Through examples from research and teaching, science and art, the show makes it possible to perceive, sense, discuss and experience the transformation of society through concrete projects.
UNDERSTANDING: At the beginning and end of any research and science there is always understanding. It is about the "what", "what for", "why" and - in the case of artistic research in particular - about the "how". The methods of artistic research break new ground, experimenting with the unknown and unforeseen, and risking change in every single case.
Time: Opening on Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 7 pm
Exhibition period: June 28 to July 28, 2019
Location: MAK - Museum of Applied Arts Vienna, 1010 Vienna, Stubenring 5

 Curated by Gerald Bast, Alexander Damianisch and Barbara Putz-Plecko.
The exhibition UNDERSTANDING - ART & RESEARCH includes the following research projects / project managers / sources of funding:
Artistic Research PhD Programme / Margarete Jahrmann et al. / University of Applied Arts Vienna
Innochain / Zeynep Aksöz, Efilena Baseta, Klaus Bollinger, Anja Jonkhans / Horizon 2020, EU
Active Public Space / Andrea Börner, Bernhard Sommer / Creative Europe Programme, EU
Artist Philosophers. Philosophy as Arts-based Research / Arno Böhler / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Choreo-ethical assemblages: narrations of bare bodies / Marielle Greil / Elise-Richter-PEEK-Programme, FWF
Choreo-graphic figures: deviations from the line / Nikolaus Gansterer / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Co-corporeality / Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Contingent Agencies / Nikolaus Gansterer / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Curiouser and curiouser, cried Alice / Anab Jain, Time’s Up / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Dancing with the nonhuman / Petra Gemeinböck / PEEK-Programme, FWF
D.A.S. Dementia. Arts. Society. / Ruth Mateus-Berr / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Data Loam / Virgil Widrich / PEEK-Programme, FWF
EVA – Evaluating Visionary Architecture / Bernhard Sommer/ PEEK-Programme, FWF
Fluid Bodies / Klaus Bollinger, Quirin Krumbholz, Rupert Zallmann / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Originalcopy / Michael Kargl, Franz Thalmair / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Reflecting Oil / Ernst Logar / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Reset the Apparatus! / Edgar Lissel / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Rotting Sounds / Thomas Grill / PEEK-Programme, FWF
Socially aligned visual Arts technology and perception / Bast, Kusch, Schnell / Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research
Stitching Worlds / Ebru Kurbak / PEEK-Programme, FWF
The Anthropocene Surge / Michael Wagreich, Katrin Hornek / WWTF, Emerging Field Grant
The Entanglement between Gesture, Media & Politics / EGMP ResearchGroup / Volkswagen Foundation's Art & Science in Motion Programme
The Performative Biofact / Lucie Strecker, Klaus Spiess / Elise-Richter-PEEK Programme, FWF; Supported by Medical University of Vienna
Transpositions (TP): Artistic Data Exploration / Gerhard Eckel, Michael Schwab / PEEK-Programme, FWF
White Cube Teleporter / Andrea Graser / Supported by Lumitech Production and Development GmbH
Klaus Spiess und Lucie Strecker: Glove: Handschuh für Publikum mit Sensoren
                                       zur Hautwiderstandsmessung © Spiess / Strecker / Projekt: The Performative Biofact Download
Angelica-Lorenzi-Dennis-Schiaroli: Kepos. Prototyp eines urbanen Gartenpavillons © Lorenzi / Schiaroli
                                       / Projekt: Active Public Space Download
                                       Hoelbling: Bodies (with)in fences © DANS.KIAS / Saskia Hölbling / Projekt: Artist Philosophers Download
Gerald Bast, Rektor der Universität für angewandte
                                       Kunst Wien, Thun-Hohenstein, Direktor MAK – Museum für angewandte Kunst Wien Download
Alexander Damianisch, Leiter Zentrum Fokus Forschung, Angewandte, Gerlinde
                                       Mautner, Vizepräsidentin FWF, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Stadträtin für Kultur und Wissenschaft, Gerald Bast, Rektor Angewandte,
                                       Thun-Hohenstein, Direktor MAK Download
Gerlinde Mautner, Vizepräsidentin FWF, Gerald Bast, Rektor der Universität
                                       für angewandte Kunst Wien, Veronica Kaup-Hasler, Stadträtin für Kultur und Wissenschaft Download