Photos for download show outstanding designs of graduates 2018

The department of fashion design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is once again inviting to the Show Angewandte. Under the direction of Hussein Chalayan graduates and students will be presenting their latest collections.

Show Angewandte 18 on Tuesday, 5 June 2018 at 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm.
New location
The Show Angewandte 18 will take place at the newly renovated former Anker bread factory, the Expedithalle, in Vienna-Favoriten, the cities 10th district. The location for the Angewandte fashion show gets chosen each year anew as the location lend the event an individual character und give a unique atmosphere.
Venue: Expedithalle, Absberggasse 27, 1100 Wien

New format & Live Act Ana Threat
This year the fashion department will experiment with the format of the classical catwalk fashion show and will offer a new look at the presented designs of the 25 students. The Media theorist, producer and musician Ana Threat will perform special soundscapes live.

Again 2 shows
As in the past two years there will be two shows again, the first one at 6.30 pm and the second one at 8.30 pm. Since the Show Angewandte has been completely sold out for many years this will allow many interested people to see the show.
The fashion show gives the students the opportunity to show their creations in the setting of a professional live show. This event enhances the careers of young-generation fashion designers and increases their professionalization. For the students of Austria’s only school that offers training in fashion with a university degree the annual fashion show is the veritable highlight of the academic year. The Show Angewandte attracts a great amount of public interest and has gained a high reputation within the past years.

Ticket sale
Ticket sale: and at all oeticket pre-sale offices
Price: advance purchase from Euro 25,-. Evening ticket: from Euro 32,-. Discount for OE1 Clubmembers and OE1 Uni-Card Holders

Photos ready for Download
The photos show outstanding designs and outfits of those five designers who are expected to finish their university education with a diploma degree in summer 2018. Printable images for download:
Photos by London based Kim Jakobsen To, hair and make-up by Wolfgang Lindenhofer with products by Sisely.

Chalayan professor since fall 2014
The international renowned designer Huseein Chalayan has been the head of the department fashion design at the Angewandte since October 2014. He is well known for his highly creative, experimental and unconventional collections and runs his own label Chalayan very successfully.
Since the beginning of the 1980s, the chair of the Vienna department of fashion design has been held by internationally successful designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood, Helmut Lang, Raf Simons, Viktor&Rolf and Bernhard Willhelm, Chalayan’s predecessor.

Successful graduates
The Angewandte is proud of the success of its graduates who often start their own labels such as, e.g. Bless, house of the very island’s, Petar Petrov, Sagan Vienna (previously Bradaric Ohmae), Ute Ploier and Wendy&Jim, assume management functions in the fashion industry or pursue successful careers working for renowned fashion companies, such as Balenciaga, Comme des Garçons, J.W. Anderson, Kenzo, Lanvin or Louis Vuitton.
The individualized 4-year training program offers the students the possibility to develop their skills and potential by being able to design and produce contemporary and visionary collections of high technical and artistic quality under the supervision of a successful fashion designer.

Alissia-Lara Mayerhofer 1, Foto by Kim Jakobsen To for Show Angewandte 18 Download
Alissia-Lara Mayerhofer 2, Foto
                                       by Kim Jakobsen To for Show Angewandte 18 Download
Frizzi Lange 1, Foto by Kim Jakobsen To for
                                       Show Angewandte 18 Download
Frizzi Lange 2, Foto by Kim Jakobsen To for
                                       Show Angewandte 18 Download
Herta Bernane 1, Foto by Kim Jakobsen To
                                       for Show Angewandte 18 Download
Herta Bernane 2, Foto by Kim Jakobsen To
                                       for Show Angewandte 18 Download