iheartblob – Augmented Architectural Objects

A New Visual Language

iheartblob avails itself of a new visual vocabulary of architecture. Here designs are visualized not in the form of ground plans and sections. Instead, renderings, mixed-reality objects (which are depicted physically and in augmented reality) and animations are the media which reflect the legacy of the mathematician Lagrange.
Visually, but also on the basis of short theoretical texts, the book facilitates new discussions about the contemporary theoretical and cultural framework – and thus also about the “crisis of philosophy” faced not only by architecture. While the theoretical framework here invokes the principles of object-oriented ontology, in a subsequent step it attempts to unravel the theoretical principles of postmodernity and poststructural formalism.
  • A new visual language of architecture
  • Objects of architecture on life brought to life by means of augmented reality

IoA Institute of Architecture, Univ. of Applied Arts Vienna, Studio iheartblob – Aleksandra Belitskaja, Benjamin James, Shaun McCallum

iheartblob – Augmented Architectural Objects
ISBN: 978-3-0356-1872-3
Herausgeber: IoA Institute of Architecture
Verlag: Birkhäuser
Sprache: Englisch
Preis: EUR 29.95
A new visual vocabulary of architecture