Making Prints and Thinking About It

Jan Svenungsson

The book presents the entire graphic works of the artist Jan Svenungsson, who has been responsible Graphics and Printmaking at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna since 2011, accompanied by a text that seamlessly combines practical information, stories and speculations in an entertaining way.

His overarching objective is to critically discuss the meaning of graphic prints in contemporary art, and more specifically: to illuminate the role of single-handedly "making" them – at a time when the conditions for exercising creativity are undergoing rapid change: What are the implications of the tools the artist selects? What does authenticity mean in today’s art? How does the role of the artist change when he makes himself dependent on artificial intelligence?

Jan Svenungsson, visual artist, Head of Graphics and Printmaking Department at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

Svenungsson, Jan Making Prints and Thinking About It
ISBN: 978-3-11-063216-3
Herausgeber: Svenungsson, Jan
Verlag: De Gruyter
Preis: EUR 29.95
  • Making graphic prints and using them to think
  • Exciting and readable text that triggers important considerations extending far beyond art