The Commemorative Exhibition for 10th Anniversary of Bilateral Partnership between University of Applied Arts Vienna and Tokyo University of the Arts “Understanding. Art & Research”
We are pleased to present “Understanding. Art & Research”, a special exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of bilateral partnership between University of Applied Arts Vienna and Tokyo University of the Arts. Before opening the exhibition to the public, we will be inviting guests from each university to hold a symposium, reception party, as well as a private viewing. We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend.

Choreo-ethical assemblages: narrations of bare bodies / Leitung Mariella Greil
Co-corporeality / Leitung Barbara Imhof, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme
Conceptual Joining / Leitung Gerald Kaltenbrunner
Contingent Agencies / Leitung Nikolaus Gansterer
Curiouser and curiouser, cried Alice / Leitung Anab Jain, Time's Up
Dancing with the nonhuman / Leitung Petra Gemeinböck
D.A.S. Dementia. Arts. Society. / Leitung Ruth Mateus-Berr
Data Loam / Leitung Virgil Widrich
Reflecting Oil / Leitung Ernst Logar
Reset the Apparatus! / Leitung Edgar Lissel
Socially aligned visual Arts technology and perception / Leitung Gerald Bast, Martin Kusch, Ruth Schnell
The Performative Biofact / Leitung Lucie Strecker, Klaus Spiess


07. November 2019 - 19:30
08. November 2019 - 19. November 2019