Caring for Public Art in the Future

A Conference by the BIG in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna” => A Conference by the BIG in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Department of Site-Specific Art

Since 2005 BIG ART has been developing art projects in, around and on the buildings of the Austrian Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft (Federal Real Estate Company), the BIG. With this growing stock of artworks and the increasing need to renovate and extend these buildings, accompanied by a shortage of space, the issue of how to conserve and archive these artefacts in the future is becoming increasingly pressing. The BIG regards this issue as one of the key cultural and also socio-political challenges it currently faces, and is holding discussions with experts from different fields on which structural conditions can safeguard the necessary room for manoeuvre for both conservation and for the new.

Jakob Helmut Deibl, Assistant Professor for Religion and Aesthetics at the Faculty of Catholic Theology / "Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society" research centre (University of Vienna)
Cathrine Mellander Backman, Senior Adviser at the Department for Cultural Environment at the Swedish National Heritage Board
Linus Neumann, hacker, Spokesman of the Chaos Computer Club
Henrik Orrje, Head of Department for Supervision, Collection and Administration, Public Art Agency Sweden
Katrina Petter, Head of Public Art Lower Austria
Hans Ulrich Reck, philosopher and art historian, until 2019 Professor of Art History in the Context of Media and until 2020 Rector of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Moderated by
Claudia Büttner, art historian and freelance curator, Munich
„Accompanying programme“
With contributions by students of the Department of Site-Specific Art (head: Paul Petritsch) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (lecturers: Georgia Holz and Jeanette Pacher)
Conference language
German I English
Hybrid Event
All lectures and discussions are accessible at the venue as well as online via live streaming.
05. November 2021
Angewandte, Expositur Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7, 1030 Wien