Online Hearing Transmedia Art

The “Transmedia Art” programme aims to convey and facilitate experimentation with the broadest possible spectrum of fine art and media art within which transmediality, transdisciplinarity, and the complex networks of relationships between media and perception play a special role. 
Transmediality is based in the transformation of media, materials, and methods as well as in the linkage, overlapping, and staging of film and video, time- and space-based concepts, sound, performance art, and electronic and digital media; it includes artistic research that explores the artistic potentials of current technologically and scientifically rooted processes and materials (such as from biology, quantum physics, artificial intelligence, etc.) that are as yet hardly or not at all canonized as media of artistic production and runs all the way to research concerning postmedia artistic strategies.

Monday, 15.03.2021
09.30am - 17.00pm
13.20pm - 14.30pm Break

The hearings will take place online via ZOOM. There is the possibility to participate in the hearings for the professorship Transmedia Art. If interested, please register by emailing by 11.03.2021.

To participate in the online hearing you need a ZOOM account. Please send us your real name or Zoom account name so that we can assign you to the registration list. The ZOOMlink and the program will be sent by email after registration.