Research Week 2020

October 20–22, 2020

at  Zentrum Fokus Forschung (Rustenschacherallee 2–4, 1020 Vienna)

The research week is an opportunity offered for researchers in the institutional environment of the Angewandte to present research projects and activities into a context of dialogue and to foster further exchange. Through this stage for research we would like to increase the visibility of your work and support the debate on research activities at the university. 

Due to limited places, please send us until Monday, October 19th to on which days you would like to visit the research week! 

Colleagues with their research projects and doctorate students share their research experience and (preliminary) outcomes. 13 colleagues from research projects, scientific doctoral programmes and the artistic research PhD programme situated at the University of Applied Arts Vienna will take part.

The research projects will be presented and discussed in the garden of the Prateratelier – also due to covid – of the Zentrum Fokus Forschung. After the specific project presentations, we invite to a discussion round in the studio of the Prateratelier (limited number of persons), in which the persons of the previously held presentations as well as the respondents take part.

You are also cordially invited to attend the Welcome & Intro on Wednesday evening for the presentations of the new candidates of the Artistic Research PhD programme.

We kindly ask you to give us a short feedback about your possible participation on the respective days in order to plan the seating arrangements according to the required distance.

You can find the complete schedule here:  
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Participants and research projects
Daniel Aschwanden, David Berry, Philippe Riéra, Lucie Strecker: Dog-man and she-goat. Becoming Chimera. (postgradual research project) Niels Bonde: Research on facial recognition and privacy (PhD in Art project. Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann) Margit Busch: A garden for a fish (PhD in Art project. Supervisor: Virgil Widrich) Helena Eribenne: Self-Destructive Female Icons (PhD project. Supervisor: Eva Kernbauer) Verena Faißt: Unsichtbare Elefanten unter dem Mikroskop (PhD in Art project. Supervisor: Barbara Putz-Plecko) Barbara Graf: Stitches and Sutures (PhD in Art project. Supervisor: Barbara Putz-Plecko) Barbara Imhof: Co-Corporeality (postgradual research project) Margarete Jahrmann: Neuromatic Game Art – Critical play with neurointerfaces (postgradual research project) Leonie Licht: GRUND, DECK, KANTE – Himmelspolitik (PhD project. Supervisor: Helmut Draxler) Barb Macek: DIE INNERE KRISE ALS GLOBALE KRISE – Autoimmunität und Anthropologische Differenz (PhD project. Supervisor: Virgil Widrich) Tamás Páll: Emergent Worlds: Simulation, worlding and prefiguration (PhD in Art project. Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann) Frida Robles: The Re-enchantment of the World - Narrations of the Self in Contemporary Performance Art Practices (PhD project. Supervisor: Eva Kernbauer) Madeleine Span: Was macht eine* zur Autor*in? (Doktoratsprojekt. Supervisor: Ernst Strouhal)
Garden Sujet, Woche der Forschung 2020
Woche der Forschung 2020
20. October 2020 - 22. October 2020
Zentrum Fokus Forschung, Rustenschacherallee 2-4, 1020 Wien