Vortragsreihe "Kunst - Forschung - Geschlecht": Fannie Sosa

Pleasure Against The Machine, Pleasure is Power

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"What if we used pleasure rather than pain as our primary disciplinary tool?"  -Ladelle McWorther

"Knowledge produced in pleasure is sustainable" -Fannie Sosa
Pleasurably obtaining knowledge, fabricating it, and redistributing it, seems to be at the core of an intersectional understanding where knowledges, power and pleasures and pain are interrelated.  Black femme pain being inevitable is part of a necro-colonial extractivist extension that self-actualizes to generate and accumulate wealth, so "whose pleasures are enhanced by ignorance?" and "whose pleasures are suppressed by knowledge?" are complex questions that must be asked repeatedly in any look of liberation. Pleasurably hacking femme-hood, womxnity and Blackness is one of the strategies I’d like to defend in the making of liberatory practices, theories and economies.

Pleasure Against The Machine is a circular talk where I share tools I use to find pleasure when producing theory, and Pleasure is Power is a hands-on workshop aimed to activate the pleasurable body.  Both center a Black feminine experience but are open for all.

Fannie Sosa is an afro-sudaka activist, artist, and pleasure scholar, currently doing a France-Brasil co-directed PhD called Twerk/Torque: Anti Colonial Strategies for Thriving and Surviving in Web 2.0 Times.
They creates mixed media knowledge packages that span performance / video installations / circular talks / extended workshops, using pleasure and its transmission as a radical act of resistance for an embodied afro-diasporic evolutionary praxis.

Their written work is set up to question binary epistemicides, scientific and institutional racism, and sex economical inequalities. They have been featured at the Tate Modern (UK),  MOAD Miami (US), le Centre Pompidou (FR), the Broad Museum (US), Wiener Festwochen (AU), Nitéroi’s MAC (BR), IMG Gallery (UK),  and Museo Reina Sofía(ES), among others. Sosa has collaborated with Tabita Rezaire, Navild Acosta, Bearcat, Miss Boogie, Ana Pi, and Julien Creuzet.

Sosa’s current projects involve Pleasure is Power, a multimedia conference around healing bass, sexual autonomy and oshunality, and Black Power Naps, a series of non mixed restful spaces around the world, in collaboration with Navild Acosta. They use their gender studies degree to pop their pussy even more severely than before.  

Fannie Sosa currently lives and works between Europe and South-America.
© Navild Acosta
© Navild Acosta