Optimization or Versatility?

Circular Strategies Symposium 2

Institut für Architektur

Responsible use of resources is an essential aspect of a future-oriented building culture. This means continuing to use existing buildings for as long as possible and radically reusing components and materials. But what about the building stock of tomorrow - how can we design new structures intelligently? Should we follow the principle of reduction to achieve the intended purpose with minimal material means? Or should we rather risk a certain degree of redundancy to gain robustness in the face of changing conditions?
These questions are the focus of the second Circular Strategies Symposium with the title “Optimization or Versatility?”. International experts from the fields of architecture, theory, science and technology will share their thoughts and discuss concepts for a future-proof built environment.

Keller Easterling (Yale University, New Haven), Renaud Haerlingen | Rotor (Brussels), Gwyllim Jahn | Fologram (Melbourne), Jan Knippers (Stuttgart), Erich Kotroczo | SIDE (Vienna/Munich), Anupama Kundoo (Pune/Berlin), Daniel Veenboer | Effekt (Copenhagen), Wolf Mangelsdorf | Buro Happold (New York), Clemens Preisinger (Vienna), Manja van de Worp | YIP Structural Engineering (London) and others.

Event held in English
Organized and curated by Karin Raith and Lukas Allner, Institute of Architecture, University of Applied Arts Vienna,
moderated by Wojciech Czaja, author and journalist, Vienna
For program details and further information visit buildingconstruction.at
Live stream available via https://youtu.be/KarA1lR4Xyc

Please note the COVID-19 regulations:
· Reservation is required via www.pretix.eu/angewandte/CSS2
· Participants must show proof of either being vaccinated, tested or recovered.
· FFP2 mask must be worn in all enclosed spaces

                                       or Versatility?
CIRCULAR STRATEGIES SYMPOSIUM 2, Optimization or Versatility?