Online Artist Talk - Digitale Kunst: Elisabeth Kopf

Chaos and L*ve and Action and Design

Organisiert von der Abteilung DIGITALE KUNST/Ruth Schnell

This talk is about adventurous design, music making packaging, burning posters, pornography of smoking, asking nature and the alphabet of life. Or: What happens when art, design, science and life fall in love with each other.

Elisabeth Kopf, Design activist, artist, researcher, inventor, curator, educator
Autodidactic studies and projects succeeded in the opening of her studio Design Buero Baustelle in 1999. National and international clients as well as self-initiated projects keep her busy and interconnected with a highly transdisciplinary, global network. Her work stands for cross-border-thinking, for conceptual and progressive design. She is the founder of  Babylon Design School a playground for passion, fantasy and creativity, and she has co-initiated the research, education and exhibition project Alphabet of Life – Nature`s Learning Lab. Since 2004 she has been teaching at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Member of AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale (2012-2016 board member) and of Design Austria (2006-2008 board member). Archiv, 2019 Archiv, 2019