IoA Sliver Lecture Series „Mixtape"

Lecture „Where are my glasses“ by Julien Lanoo

Julien Lanoo (born in 1985) is a Belgian photographer. He sensitively depicts the built environment and genuine atmospheres created by the purest relationship between man and architecture. His works are based on a contemporary form of humanism that the international press has identified over the years as a “humanistic” approach, in which a building’s broader architectural and environmental contexts are the focus.

Julien has been working on a lecture on the subject of *Identity* - in which he reconceives the role of photography in creating identity in a broader sense, and how this shapes the architectural discourse. After so many years working with small and big offices all over the world, he felt it was an important moment to address this subject of identity – how photography influences the state of architectural discourse, how images can reveal the social, the marginal, the incidental and the singular, the imagined and the lived.
This academic year SLIVER is presenting a "Mixtape" by our junior faculty who contributed with their professional interests and pedagogical objectives. The winter term is a collection of architects, artists, and theoreticians whose work is circulating through the IoA in form of theoretical underpinnings, built references, and research ambitions.
Upcoming IoA Sliver Lecture Series winter term 2020/21:
Stefana Parascho (Princeton)  November 12 / 7pm
3XN - Jesper Bork (Denmark) November 19th / 7pm
Lev Manovich (Seoul) November 26 / noon 12pm
Andres Sevtsuk (Cambridge, MA) December 3 / 7pm
Amale Andraos (New York)  December 10 / 7pm
Due to Covid 19 restrictions, all lectures will take place via Zoom
Foto: Julien Lanoo, Oscar Niemeyer, Tripoli,
                                       Karami International Fair
Julien Lanoo, Oscar Niemeyer, Tripoli, Karami International Fair