Admission to doctorate program Prof. Greg Lynn


The agenda for the new program of a PhD in Architectural Design supervised by Greg Lynn at the angewandte is to focus and deepen the emerging pedagogies of architects who wish to continue their education in order to prepare for teaching architectural design at some point in their future.  It is our assumption, based on past and recent history, that influential architects combine teaching with practice throughout their entire careers. 
The PhD program in our course at the angewandte is designed to help prepare designers with a clear, focused pedagogy that is projective into the future while being connected to architectural history, theory and design techniques. 
We are looking for individuals that exhibit a combination of design talent, a mastery of contemporary design techniques, and an ability to clearly articulate design questions provocatively. 
A proclivity for contemporary design in the fullest sense is a benefit as the context of the University  allows for connections with fashion, graphic, industrial and other design fields. 
A keen awareness of architectural design speculation and theory of the last 20 years combined with design aptitude are the two qualifications we are looking for in applicants.  The ability to situate your proposals in the lineage of other pedagogies of the last 50 years is encouraged.

Application requirements:

Applicants should outline a proposal for their dissertation that includes:

- An abstract of up to 1000 words describing an architectural thesis and a program for research.
- Examples of historical and/or contemporary architecture and design that will illuminate this thesis.
- A description of any bibliographical, technical, archival or other materials that may be related to the dissertation research.

Applicants should also include:

- Samples of their design work.
- Written paper of up to 2000 words.
- Letters of recommendation from previous professors, employers or colleagues.

Please send applications until August 1rst 2004 to:

Unversität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
o. Univ. Prof. Greg Lynn
Oskar - Kokoschka - Platz 2
A-1010 Wien

For questions please contact Oliver Bertram, bertram@uni.ak.ac.at

NOTE: Please do not send original work. We will not send anything back.