Language Arts (Creative Writing)

Bachelor programme

Academic degree: BA (Bachelor of Arts)
Credits: 180 ECTS
Duration: 6

Master programme

Academic degree: MA (Master of Arts)
Credits: 120 ECTS
Duration: 4
For the first time in Austria, starting in the winter semester 2009/10, the artistic bachelor programme ‘Language Arts (Creative Writing)’ is being offered at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. At the same time, the Institute for Language Arts will be founded at the Angewandte. Writing, reading and critical reflection will shape the planned study programme.

On offer is an artistic programme, the goal of which is to qualify graduates in both text production and text marketing. Here, text production means the emergence of new, literary texts, from drafts through to writing, revision and translation, and that in all text genres and inter-generic styles, such as experimental, performance and extra-textual literature, as well as multi- and trans-medial literature. Text mediation, especially literature mediation, adapts to the type of text, with respect to forms of reception, proofreading and criticism, of presentations and effects. This is coupled with critical reflection on language(s), on forms of oral and written literature, on relationships with the other arts, and on cultural and intercultural contexts of text production and mediation.

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