ARIS – Arts / Research / Innovation / Society

In all of the Angewandte's institutes, exceptional artists and researchers from Austria and abroad make major contributions to the continuing development of their disciplines while also occupying high-profile positions in society through their media presence, exhibitions and participation in the creative industries. The establishment of a Vice-Rectorate for Research in 2011 represents another commitment to furthering research.

An expanded conception of innovation, taking into account not only scientific research but also art and arts-based research as vehicles of knowledge production, has long since found widespread acceptance in innovation research and the philosophy of science. Although policy papers on both the EU and the Austrian level reflect this development in their content, the Angewandte must nevertheless meet the challenge of increasing awareness for advances in this area. In the context of innovation the role of the arts and of art universities must be addressed explicitly as a means of helping to take advantage of the major potential that Austria has shown in this field.

Through the recent establishment of the Social Design masters' program, oriented toward a cooperative and interdisciplinary search for solutions to problems in urban space, the Angewandte has put forward strategies that are currently in operation. Its actions have set effective impulses for shaping society. The transdisciplinary projects initiated by the Angewandte enjoy a high reputation for making regular and relevant contributions to processes of social development.

With exhibitions in Austria and abroad, panel discussions on socially relevant themes, and internationally oriented symposiums and events, the Angewandte has sharpened its profile not only as a site of research and teaching, but also as a place where the fruits of this work are shared with an interested public. The permanent documentation of artistic and scientific work represents a crucial aspect of this effort. Currently the University is engaged in the publication of two book series, which are of particular importance in this regard: the “Edition Angewandte” edited by Rector Gerald Bast and published by Ambra/Birkhäuser, and the new book series “Arts, Research, Innovation, and Society”, initiated in 2013 by Gerald Bast, Elias G. Carayannis and David F. J. Campbell with the publisher Springer. Both of these are indispensable aspects of the University's effort to open its activities outward and communicate its artistic and scientific findings.

The Angewandte's diverse activities underline the high quality on an international level of the work being done in its individual artistic and research disciplines. Conversely, the large number of artists and researchers who come to the Angewandte from abroad confirm its potential for continued development, both as a large-scale institution and in the independent work of its individual disciplines. In the future the Angewandte will be able to position itself as a dynamic site of innovation and creativity, as a hub of dialog and activity for teachers, researchers, students and graduates, and for external partners and an interested public.