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Senova, Basak Gastprof. Dr.

Standort: Vordere Zollamtsstraße 7
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E-Mail: basak.senova@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Kunst und Kommunikative Praxis
composite volumes
CrossSections 2020
Typo 2020
IN & OUT 2019
Shadow Optics. Lina Salender. 2019
Extremophiles 2021
A Souvenir 2021
. . .the vast land from which she comes 2020
A Constructed Model 2020
Alternative Channels 2020
CrossSections: Processing Artistic and Curatorial Research 2020
Der Akt des Malens: Betrachtung des Produktionprozesses bie Ramesch Daha 2020
Design of the Exhibitions 2020
Experiencing and Experimenting with the Conditions and the Process 2020
Intersecting Dimensions 2020
Models 2020
Notes on Ali Cabbar’s Artistic Methodology 2020
Operation Sunken Sea 2020
Regulating Time: 2020
Solo Exhibitions 2020
The CrossSectionsHub 2020
The Opening Move 2020
The Process 2020
Perm. Remembering The City “Pi” 2019
Sonic Notes and Records from Turkey - A Short Story of Fifteen Years: The Shift from the Stage to the Exhibition Space 2019
Prisoners of Correct History. Naeem Mohaiemen 2019
general documents/publications
Isa Rosenberger...das weite Land, woher sie kommt/..the vast land from which she comes. (exhibition catalogue). (author), Graz, Austria. 2020
Everyone has the right freely to participate ... Adelina Cüberyan Von Fürstenberg in conversation with Basak Senova and Sylvie Fortin. (newspaper interview). (author, editor), United Arab Emirates. 2019
Making the Best out of the Biennial Model. Iara Boubnova in conversation with Sylvie Fortin and Basak Senova. (newspaper interview). (author, editor), United Arab Emirates. 2019
research and projects
A Research of Doing 2021–2023
The Zone 2020–2021
Octopus Programme 2019–2022
CrossSections 2017–2019
DisOrient 2020
On Belonging —with Chantal Akerman from Right to Left. Ibro Hasanović 2020
... the Vast Land From Which She Comes. Isa Rosenberger 2019
Climbing Through the Tide 2019
CrossSections_notes 2019
IN & OUT 2019
Shadow Optics. Lina Salender. 2019
Someone has been sleeping in my bed. Orit Ishay 2019
conferences & symposia
Thriving Otherwise: Pandemic, Justice and Sustainability. (panel). (Panelist, organiser/management). 2020
conference contributions
On Curatorial Methodologies and the CrossSections Project 2021
Acts of Resilience I 2020
Acts of Resilience II 2020