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Kwinter, Sanford Hon.Prof. PhD

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E-Mail: theory.architecture@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Theorie der Architektur
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Discussion 2016
General documents/publications
Charismatic Fauna. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), NY (USA). 2017
The Doors of Perception. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Belgien. 2017
Capital Objects. (artistic publication). (author), Österreich. 2016
High Altitude, Low Opening. (artistic publication). (author), Österreich. 2016
Organisation. (scientific publication). (author), USA. 2016
Conversation with Pierre Hermé. (scientific publication). (author), Berlin (Deutschland). 2015
Correalist Vision. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Basel (Schweiz). 2015
The Song of the Nightingale. (scientific publication). (author), NY (Österreich). 2015
What is Life? The Search for Models. (artistic publication). (author), Baunach (Deutschland). 2015
Plumbing the Urban Azimuth (in the Age of the End of the Book). (newspaper review). (artist), USA. 2014
The Temperature of Things. (newspaper review). (artist), USA. 2014
You are not blocked, you are just bourgeois (Redux). (newspaper review). (artist), Kanada. 2014
“Whiplash”. (newspaper review). (artist), New York (Österreich). 2014
research and projects
Book: What is Energy and How We Might Think About it?
Age Of Geography, Population displacement and the fate of cosmopolitanism 2016
Biennale Panel Discussion 2016
Biennale Panel Discussion 2016
Biennale Panel Discussion 2016
Biennale Panel Discussion 2016
Gastvortrag im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung Problems in Knowledge and Design 2016
conference contributions
Acid Architecture: Trans-Thinking in the Age of Cognitive Capitalism 2017
Contribution to: Architecture Books / Yet to be Written / 1982-2017-2052 2017
Culinary Reality 2017
Ecological Perception 2017
Manifesto for (all) the Senses 2017
Are you Experienced? 2016
Culinary Lessons 2016
Pratt Kitchen 2016