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Müller, Bärbel Associate Professorin Mag.arch.

Standort: Schwanzer-Trakt 1. St.
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E-Mail: baerbel.mueller@uni-ak.ac.at
Organisationseinheiten: Institut für Architektur, [applied] Foreign Affairs
Aktuelles Lehrangebot 2020W 2021S
SE Foreign Affairs I
SE Foreign Affairs II
SEW [applied] Foreign Affairs Integration
This Land is Not for Sale: Exploring the Nigerian Railway Compound [...] Lagos 2018
Von Routen, Räumen und Europe, Your Hope 2010
Techo en Mexico 2008
Peter Sellars: Studio Enlightenment Theory and Practice 2006
General documents/publications
A tropical and cosmopolitan architecture for a museum in Ghana. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Art house: new cultural venues. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Community-built market completed in northern Ghana. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Gemeinschaftswerk Marktstruktur. (online newspaper article). (mention). 2020
Guabuliga tirgus. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Guabuliga: Ein Marktplatz auf Augenhöhe. (article). (mention). 2020
Jaunais tirgus Guabuliga. (article). (mention). 2020
Kunstmuseum in Accra. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
New Guabuliga Market. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
New Guabuliga Market. (online newspaper article). (mention). 2020
New Guabuliga Market. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Nubuke Extended. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Nubuke Extended. (article). (). 2020
Nubuke Extended. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Nubuke Extended. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Nubuke Extended, Accra. (article). (). 2020
Nubuke, A New Dawn for the Arts. (article). (). 2020
Targowisko w Ghanie. (article). (mention). 2020
The new Nubuke Foundation gallery interacts with Accra's climate. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
Tra palme e clima africano, in Ghana, la galleria brutalista che sembra un deja vu. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
nubuke foundation extends accra campus with concrete exhibition gallery. (online newspaper article). (). 2020
An Interview with Architecture Professor Baerbel Mueller. (newspaper review). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2018
In Conversation with Baerbel Mueller. (online newspaper article). (author), New York (USA). 2017
Old Ebute-Metta Railway Compound gets a makeover. (online newspaper article). (author), Lagos (Nigeria). 2017
[a]fa Lagos Legacy. (online newspaper article). (mention), Lagos (Nigeria). 2017
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Bauen mit Bambusa Vulgaris. (newspaper review). (mention), Österreich. 2016
Haduwa Apata. (newspaper review). (mention), Korea, Republik. 2016
Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute Stage / [a]FA _ [applied] Foreign Affairs. (online newspaper article). (mention), Spanien. 2016
La grande cupola in bambù sulla costa atlantica del Ghana. (newspaper review). (mention), Italien. 2016
Multifunctional Pavilion. (newspaper review). (mention), Italien. 2016
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Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute. (online newspaper article). (mention), Berlin (Deutschland). 2015
Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute in Apam Ghana. (online newspaper article). (mention), Berlin (Deutschland). 2015
What is the future of impact design education?. (online newspaper article). (author), USA. 2015
haduwa arts + culture institute in ghana protected by dynamic bamboo canopy. (online newspaper article). (mention), Österreich. 2015
MY HOME MY BED MY MANGO TREE. (online newspaper article). (mention), Deutschland. 2013
my home my bed my mango tree. (newspaper review). (mention), Deutschland. 2013
5 Fragen, 55 Antworten. (newspaper review). (artist), Wien (Österreich). 2011
[applied] Foreign Affairs. (newspaper review). (mention), Österreich. 2011
Techo en Mexico The Mexican Roof Revisited 2009. (artistic book/catalogue). (editing), Österreich. 2010
Un geste architectural à Kisangani. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Frankreich. 2010
waypoints like sharon´s stone / ausstellungsguide. (artistic book/catalogue). (editing), Österreich. 2007
Keine Inseln aber doch. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien Bozen (Österreich). 2006
VIENNA.INTENSITIES. (artistic book/catalogue). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2006
WAYPOINTS LIKE SHARON´S STONE. (online newspaper article). (author), Wien (Österreich). 2006
WAYPOINTS LIKE SHARON´S STONE. (online newspaper article). (author), Deutschland. 2006
Nubuke Extended: Generosity and Specificity of Spaces. (online newspaper article). ().
Social Trigger. New Guabuliga Market. (online newspaper article). ().
Targowisko w Ghanie. (online newspaper article). ().
Tropisch brutalistische Tradition. (online newspaper article). ().
research and projects
Les Studios Kabako_Makiso / Design 2009
Les Studios Kabako_Makiso / Concept 2008
what am i using as my gyroscope? 2007
12 26 HORIZONS 2006
Vienna Intensities 2006
Apam Apata
Danyi-Apéyémé, place to go
Drums and Digging
Guabuliga Training Center
Nubuke Extended
Nuku Tamale
Tracing the Periphery
my home my bed my mango tree
studios kabako_simisimi
awards and grants
Architecture Masterprize: New Discovery of the Year 2020 2020
Dezeen Award 2020: Longlisted 2020
The Plan Award 2020: Honorable Mention 2020
First World Prize for Contemporary Plant Fiber-based Architecture 2018
National Energy Globe Award Ghana 2016 2016
Helmut Richter Gedächnispreis 2015
Staatspreis ARS DOCENDI 2015
Catalyst Program of the 2014 Fuller Challenge 2014
National Energy Globe Award Ghana 2014
Bauhaus.SOLAR AWARD 2012
Neptun Wasserpreis 2013 Nominierung 2012
Förderstipendium 2010
Tische Stipendium 2008
Margarete Schütte Lihotzky Projektstipendium 2006
Structures of Displacement 2019
East Legon Past Forward 2018
The Essence 2018
Adannvor - Creative Textile - Kofi Setordji 2017
The Essence 2017
[a]FA Lagos Legacy 2017
Hands On: Academic DesignBuild Studios 2016
The Essence 2016
The Essence 2015
[a]FA IMMUNA gallery 2015
[a]FA immuna gallery 2015
Design acts! 2014–2015
Lubungamode 2014
Lubungamode 2014
The Essence 2014
Think Global, Build Social! 2014
[a]FA _ staging apam 2014
[a]FA _ staging apam 2014
APAM. s t a g i n g 2013
APAM. s t a g i n g 2013
The Essence 2013
[a]FA Lubungamode 2013
[a]FA re-locate : kivalina 2013
[a]FA re-locate : kivalina 2013
We Face Forward: Guabuliga – Well by the Thorn Tree 2012
We Face Forward: my home, my bed, my mango tree 2012
[a]FA Gallery Guabuliga 2012
[a]FA Guabuliga: Well by the Thorn Tree 2012
Sliver Gallery Techo Revisited 2009 2010
arch live VI - networks revisited - neue angewandte 2009
Artists on Tour - Sehnsuchtsdestinationen im Wandel / Kumasi 2008
arch live v topping vienna 2008
New Crowned Hope: Welcome to Vienna 2006
[a]FA lagos legacy public event
Ibrahim Mahama 2021
Kofi Setordji 2021
Nii Obodai 2021
Selassie Atadika 2021
Guest lecture Jean Christophe Lanquetin 2019
Review & guest lecture Hakim Bah 2019
[a]FA East Legon Past Forward 2018–2019
[a]FA UNIDO Erbil Harshm Camp 2018–2019
Guest Architecture Critic 2018
[a]FA guabuliga market material research 2018
[a]FA Guabuliga Market 2017–2020
[a]FA Unido Erbil Training Center 2017–2018
[a]FA nubuke wa 2017–2018
Guest Architecture Critic 2017
Panel guest Lesley Lokko 2017
Review Kofi Setordji 2017
Review Odile Tevie 2017
Reviews Frida Robles 2017
Workshop Gregory Say 2017
[a]FA Lagos Legacy 2016–2017
[a]FA UNIDO Erbil / Iraq 2016–2017
Summer School Venice Biennale 2016
[a]FA IMMUNA 2015–2017
Guest Architecture Critic 2015
Guest Architecture Critic 2015
Review Kofi Setordji 2015
Workshop Medine Altiok 2015
tex _ [a]FA interweaving 2015
Lecturer 2014
Review Faustin Linyekula 2014
Workshop Jörg Stamm 2014
Professor 2013–2014
[a]FA Lubungamode 2013–2014
[a]FA staging apam 2013–2014
Guest Architecture Critic 2013
Guest Architecture Critic 2013
Guest Critic 2013
Lecture & Review Hannah Le Roux 2013
Lecturer 2013
Review Kojo Benedict Quaye aka Sir Black 2013
Summer School 2013
[a]FA re-locate: kivalina 2012–2014
[a]FA Apam: staging 2012–2013
[a]FA Guabuliga: Well by the Thorn Tree _ Implementation 2012–2013
Guest Architecture Critic 2012
Guest Lecture: Extreme Architecture _ 'Beyond Local Limits' 2012
Workshop Bernard Akoi-Jackson 2012
[applied] Foreign Affairs 2011–2014
[a]FA Guabuliga: Well by the Thorn Tree 2011–2012
Guest Architecture Critic 2011
[applied] Foreign Affairs 2011
Guest Architecture Critic 2010
Guest Architecture Critic 2009
Gastvortrag: On Architecture _ Kisangani 2008
Guest Architecture Critic 2008
Lecture Peter Sellars 2008
Lecture Peter Sellars 2008
Dachgarten Integrationshaus Wien 2007–2012
Gastvortrag: perception(s), conception(s) and representation(s) of urban space 2007
Guest Architecture Critic 2007
Enlightenment, Theory and Practice 2005–2007
education & qualification
Projektförderungen 2012
Konfliktmanagement 2009
conferences & symposia
Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes. (conference). (Lecturer), Lissabon, Portugal. 2019
Structures of Displacement. (conference). (organiser/management), Universität für angewandte Kunst in Wien, Wien, Österreich. 2019
African Mobilities : Munich Exchange. (conference). (attendance), Munich (Österreich). 2018
High Level Forum Africa - Europe – Taking Cooperation to the Digital Age. (conference). (attendance), Vienna (Österreich). 2018
AZA 2016 congress. (conference). (attendance), Johannesburg (Südafrika). 2016
The Accra Revisited Urban Design Conference. (conference). (attendance), Accra (Ghana). 2015
AFRITECTURE - exchanging knowledge. (conference). (attendance), München (Deutschland). 2013
ART, SCIENCE AND SOCIETY / 12th ELIA Biennial Conference. (conference). (attendance), Wien (Österreich). 2012
DesignBuild-Studio – New Ways in Architectural Education. (conference). (attendance), Berlin (Deutschland). 2012
African Perspectives 2011 Casablanca. (conference). (attendance), Casablanca (Marokko). 2011
Colonial Modern. (conference). (attendance), Österreich. 2011
African Perspectives 2009 – The African City CENTRE: (re)sourced. (conference). (attendance), Pretoria (Südafrika). 2009
African Architecture Today. (conference). (attendance), Kumasi (Ghana). 2007
African Perspectives. (conference). (attendance), Delft (Niederlande). 2007
Trialog Konferenz: Planung in Not / Need for Planning. (conference). (attendance), Wien (Österreich). 2006
conference contributions
architecture and agri.culture 2021
Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes: “In between on all levels” 2019
Urban Acupuncture in a Fragile Age 2019
AFRICAN MODERNISM “Never Neutral. Never Innocent.” 2018
CHALE WOTE 2018: The Architecture of Performance 2018
[applied] Foreign Affairs - Make a Change 2018
play urban: in between on all levels 2018
Art and the City: Art acupuncturing Accra and... 2017
Decision Making in Arts & Creative Industries 2017
Haduwa Bühnenraum - Turn On 2017
[a]FA decolonising design-build 2017
[applied] foreign affairs book launch 2017
[applied] foreign affairs book launch accra 2017
Cognitive Adventures in a Fragile Age 2016
[applied] Foreign Affairs 2016
[applied] Foreign Affairs . Angewandte Praxis 2016
in between on all levels 2016
entering a space (which is not yours) 2015
Acupuncturing Kisangani 2014
Ohne Grenzen Architektur! 2014
operations on the open heart 2014
"...and it becomes something else" 2013
[Applied] Foreign Affairs - New Ways in Architectural Education 2012
[Applied] Foreign Affairs _ broadening your horizons 2012
[a]FA, Guabuliga - Well by the Thorn Tree 2012
what is green architecture? (re)charging the ultrapheripheral 2011
Asmara - Afrikas heimliche Hauptstadt der Moderne 2010
beyond local limits 2010
Narrating Urban Acupuncture[s] 2009
Artists on Tour - Sehnsuchtsdestinationen im Wandel / Kumasi 2008
learning from kumasi: extreme perspectives on the city 2007
Structures of Displacement
Structures of Displacement 2021
Café Ecologic 2019
East Legon Past Forward 2019
Beirut Design Week X UNIDO : Design and the City Tripoli 2018
The Nature of Memory. A Review of [a]FA Lagos Legacy Art Exhibition. 2017
Critical Witness "a second step to IDEAL PARADISE" 2015
Critical Witness "urban laboratory IDEAL PARADISE" 2015
Bühnenraum Haduwa Arts & Culture Institute, Apam, Ghana 2014
models of practice 2014
Continental Shift 2013
Die richtige Entwicklungshilfe / Know-how, Geduld und andere wertvolle Ressource 2013
Situationisten mit Sinn für Survival-Eleganz 2013
External expert for architecture, infrastructure, planning on village scale 2012–2017
Forms of Energy #17 2012
cover story: [applied] foreign affairs 2012
featured: [a]FA ghana 2012
will you come back tomorrow? 2012
Identität und Aneignung – Architekturexport als politische Intervention 2010
Un geste architectural à Kisangani 2010
Jury Wettbewerb Steg über den Margaretengürtel 2009–2010
Dieses dumme Wort 2009
Ethik ist die neue Ästhetik 2009
Sustainability VS Aesthetics? 2009
CAFE MELANGE Lebensräume Wien/Süd : afrikanische u. afrikanisierte Räume in Wien 2008
Exhibition Waypoints like Sharon’s Stone 2007
Jurymitglied Mis-Guide – Stadtverführungen in Wien 2007
Rendez-vous à Sharon’s Stone 2007
waypoints like sharon´s stone #diskurs 2007
waypoints like sharon´s stone #kids 2007
"Barfußarchitekten" Low Tech/Low Cost-Architektur 2006
Expedition in die Schungel der Monster-Städte 2006
In Venedig Protzt man mit Best-of-Präsenz 2006
Less Aesthetics, more Statistics 2006
Metropolis now 2006
Raum.Form.Netz 2006
Venedig: Österreich bei Architektur-Biennale über Megacities 2006
Tracing the Periphery 2018
what am i using as my gyroscope? 2007
Drums and Digging 2013
cafe melange / waypoints like sharon´s stone 2008
structures of displacement